Thursday, August 10, 2006

Feed Thy Soul Hisayuki!

Yes, that is some nippilage you see there ^^. HAWT. Thank 'Yuu'. 4 more days before I leave on vacation to the West Side, so don't expect any updates for about 2-3 weeks unless i happen to have some free time.

On the Hisayuki front, i announced the Zwei DVD details at the animesuki forum today. Basically what i said was: it's gonna be released on Nov. 24 (old news), it'll be 16:9 ratio w/ 5.1 Dolby Digital (SWEET). the first press includes a CD w/ a new song as well as a special illustration collection and some picture label amongst other things. The price for the LE is 7,140 yen and the RE (which doesn't include and FP stuff) will retail for 5,250 yen. The series is 4 episodes/volumes in total and will come out every other month. I've already preordered it from Amazon JP (which of course is only 5,355 yen, still pricy for one episode). The 3,938 yen RE is here. I would also like to mention that the official site updated today. The CD section updated w/ the release date of the PS2 game single. the net tv page updated w/ the dates and times of the next couple of episodes (yay, more mika tomorrow) but the biggest news is the announcment of a new book titled "舞-乙HiME ヲトメグラフ". It's an A4 size book and is 20 pages. It's retailing for 2,310 yen and will be released September 27. The ISBN is 4-7580-1066-8. You can definitely expect me to pick this up soon after it's release.

In other Hisayuki news, the Dendoh site updated the Story, Character and Mech section. Strange as they should've done so when the show was on. I can't wait and so want this.

Finally, some new scans of Shinseiki GPX Cyber Formula Road to Infinity 3. Nothing new as the new teams have been shown before in a previous scan (which i was lazy to cover). Maihara (love that 'Mai') and Rei from Phoenix Japan are hot as is the chick from Team CF Ground. I'm dying in anticipation for this game as i did w/ 2. Full scans at my source Ruliweb.

I'm lazy on the gaming news today but i'm sure some have heard of the Sega Genesis Collection officially announced today. This should come as no surprise as i first posted about it some months ago from Joystiq. Anyways, go to the big games sites (ie. IGN, Gamespot, Ruliweb, 1up, Jeux-France, Joystiq etc.) for the list of the 30 games (it's quite an awesome lineup though, some i wanted are missing ;_;) as well as the official Press Release.
I'll give one gaming tidbit though...ouuu...200 (!) games planned for PS3 (apparently). There's some support for ya!

edit: i decided i'd like to add some game news until my real post later today
Wii prerelease games and dates (hint hint...official?)
Ruliweb notes that the DBZ SN site updated w/ Paikuhan (nice), Sauzer (coo), Zangya (SWEET!, been waiting to play as her again since Super Butoden 2 on my Super Famicom) and Garlic Jr. (meh).
DoAX2 site
More One Piece Wii scans from JF
Naruto Konoha Spirit scans from JF
Bleach Blade Batters PS2 scan from JF
since i somewhat covered the PSP Blood+ game, i'll mention that Ruliweb post a CM of the adventure animation game. so yeah, on gameplay, just pick and choose and watch the sweet movie.
Most importantly, Famitsu covers what their mag covered plus more of SGPXCF RtI3!!! yaaaahhhh! Rena and the other race queens looking awesome in this sequel. <3 some of the new outfits.


Anonymous said...

So the release date is November 10 then?

Anonymous said...

For the Wii i mean.

R8 said...

don't know. various dates from various sources. some say the 10th others say the 12. let's just say it'll be released between the 10th and 12th. i just want my preorder dammit!

Somber said...

Wow, I really like that first picture. Where's it from? The Mai Otome news sounds really good. I can't wait to see pictures of it. Thx for the info. I also really like those Hisayuki designed characters.

R8 said...

@ somber: soul link pic 1 as well as others are from megami. pic 1 is from #75.