Monday, August 07, 2006

Got-oh minute?

just a quickie and some game news i wanted to note:
Wii IGN posted a rumour that has now been removed (or maybe up again). It said that November 2 was the launch date w/ a price tag of $229 US Here's what they said about the Wii (if link didn't work):

"A number of big-name publishers are set to release their Wii games in mid-to-late October, which suggests that a system debut could not be that far off. And several insiders have told IGN that Tuesday, November 2 could, in fact, be the big day.

Thing is, not all of our contacts are in agreement on the date. Some have suggested that November 12 could, instead, by Wii's launch date. Regardless, though, it seems that Wii fans can look forward to their console sooner rather than later.

Sources suggest that Wii will launch with a $229 price tag and will be available in both black and white.

Insiders claim to have seen final hardware. The Broadway CPU is allegedly in the 750 CL line, a continuation of the 750 GX series. IBM may be working on a revised Broadway chip with a lower clock speed for a future Nintendo handheld -- presumably one that plays GameCube discs.

Nintendo has allegedly bumped production of Wii hardware to 5.5 million units by the end of the year, a significant upgrade to previous numbers. The jump is purportedly based on the positive reaction to Wii from press and industry analysts at E3 2006.

The console is unlikely to be region-free, although the lock is unrelated to hardware; a firmware update could theoretically allow gamers to play import software."

Mushihimesama 2 was announced by Cave on the weekend, it will be at the AM show
A One Piece Wii scan
Stills from the Devil May Cry short film
FFV advance site up
(release is 12.10.06 for those who forgot)
a few DBZ sparking neo shots showing the cool RPG mode
For hotness sake, look at the yummy samples of Sakura and Sumire...YESH (too lazy to look for cleand ones right now)
ouu...metal slug 6 art (again)
Persia saying Wii
Square Enix to go to hardware now?
TGS to pick up E3's slack

Lastly on the Hisayuki front, the flag of My-ZHiME Zwei was unveiled today (found on 2chan). As you can see, Arika is wearing her ugly mixed meister outfit from the last episode and Mashiro's wearing an slightly altered attire. Can't wait for it. Nov.24 can't come soon enough and you know the Lord will be all over it ;).However, what i'm really excited about is the 3rd Road to Infinity game to Shinseiki GPX Cyber Formula announced on the weekend, as y'all know that i'm a huge fan of the Hisayuki OVAs. The game comes out Oct.26 and you can expect me to get this. Heh, I still need to get the first game. I also need to get Road to Evolution but havent' cuz i don't own a Cube, maybe i should ask my buddy. Anyways, more details to come August 18th!. There's 8 movies at the bottom of the page of the official site.


Zanza said...

fawkin hell R8, the latter part of this yr is gonna be financial hell with both the PS3 and Wii coming out *sniffsniff*

you goin for a first run purchase or??? i'm probably gonna be content with my 360 for a few months, will prob wait for a price drop on the PS3, not sure about the Wii

R8 said...

i'm holding off on the PS3, ZERO launch titles that interest me and the ones that were supposed to come out have been delayed. It's all about the Wii baby! A system that EVERYONE can enjoy. The PS3 is trying to be too technical for which i don't really care for as I DO have a computer. Until the PS3 drops to a reasonable price, fuck it. It'll sell (as there's the 'rich' young-mid adults) but Nintendo will kill it for the holiday season as it's a cheap system that even parents would buy for their kids since it's JUST a video game system.

Zanza said...

boo yah! you da man R8, preach on!

ok, looks like i won't be picking up a PS3 then, will save my money. i will try and pick up a Wii tho, had no idea it was gonna retail for so cheap!

p.s. Is the Wii considered Next Gen or? I have no idea what these terms mean but, DAMN the Wii games look cool!