Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Back to being All About Breasts & ZHiMEs

I'm back after my vacation to the west coast and i'm still getting used to the time zones again. Got back yesterday morning. didn't go to vegas which i had first planned as that's been decided for spring. the trip was awesome though. i spent most of the time in L.A. and did a road trip to San Fran while going to other places. Anyways, what's a total surprise was this Amazon Japan package.

These stuff were supposed to ship in September w/ My-Otome vol.9, however, AJ decided to partially ship it! X( So now i'll be charged on customs for this partial shipment :(. So yeah, this pack includes My-Otome vol.7 & 8 w/ First Press 'photographs' (below...i had to include the Simoun ad ^_^) as well as my 'All about G.J?' official fanbook.

Y'all know (or should) that i'm a huge Toshihide Sano fan as well as a G.J? fan. I've been a fan of G.J? games ever since it's inception (in 2002), spun off from main company teck arts. Thus, i've been a Toshihide Sano fan since 2002 since he does all the artwork for the G.J? games. Which is why i bitch or compliment when his art is turned into anime. So imagine my excitement when i found out about this book from Shingo at HD. The All About G.J? book is your usual HCG book as it collects artwork from the games itself. Like the profile art and a few of the in-game cgs, but of course not all. There ARE some promo art like ones on telecards (sweeet). The book covers all the works from G.J?, from 2002 to 2006. Akibakei Kanojyo, Futago no Bosei Honnou and Ane to Boin are given the most coverage while their newer titles like 7nin ONLINE and Tsuma to Mama to Boin are given less coverage but still a considerable amount (no promo arts for these two ;_;). The book is 193 pages and is of great quality. There's also a foldout poster w/ one side featuring Renka in mahou shoujo outfit and the other side featuring Hatoko (Akibakei), Tomoe (Futago) and Rurisu (Ane) fully nude. Was this book worth the 3,200 yen? Definitely, if you dig Sano's beautiful art. Heres some safe shots that were hard to find :D:

Now that I'm back I definitely need catch up on some games as well as hentais + some doujins (T2's Bleach was AMAZING). Though w/ hentais I only have 2 more to watch for the month ^^. Jokei and Mana were AWESOME as expected. I'll have Jokei theme set up as well as my never ending ongoing mizugi theme.

on a somewhat game related news (to the above pic): Melty Blood: AC Version B, includes playable white len and extra 'quick action' button.
I've been posting some news about the My-Otome PS2 game and the Animesuki forum. so go there to check it out. That's it for gaming news of my interest as i don't feel like posting much of 'em.
I'll end off w/ my neverending mizugi theme w/ a Sano pic, since it WAS the focus of this post ;).


Fisherman Horizon said...

Yo R8, Happy to hear from you. Did you enjoy your holiday??

Thanks for spotting the mistake on my blog. How did the 2 got there? Ha ha..

By the way, are you using Rogueman_8 in the forum?? Hee hee..
Are you getting the Mai Otome PS2?

Zanza said...

welcome back R8! hope you had a good trip!

R8 said...

@ FH: Yeah, holiday was great, a lot of fun and a lot of money wasted on shopping, booze and other stuff i don't remember. Yeah, i use Rogueman_8 there cuz it's a somewhat old account. i use to lurk there and visit every so often to see what these MH/MO 'amateurs' :P ^^ had to say. Am i getting the PS2 My Otome game? Do U even need to ask ^_^? Of course, i'm getting the Box version w/ all the goodies cuz y'all know i'm gaga for hisayuki/hime/zhime!

@ zanza: thx man, i sure did :D.

Somber said...

Good to see you are back. I really like the special on Otome 7. LMAO at Mikoto. Some nice Midori service too.

Fisherman Horizon said...

Quote:[Do U even need to ask ^_^? Of course, i'm getting the Box version w/ all the goodies cuz y'all know i'm gaga for hisayuki/hime/zhime!]

Yeah. I forgot... Your are the "The Greatest Hisayuki/HiME/ZHiME fan you know ". ha ha.. :)

Write a post for your Mai Otome PS2 goodies when you get it.. and we'll drool over it...

R8 said...

yeah, i'll definitely write about it once i get it ;).

Anonymous said...

hi. can u buy the all about gj in the US? im lost. and i REALLY WANT IT NOW :) wow. it looks great. is it?

please send reply to dalittlebaboy2@hotmail.com thanks

sagara said...

for the love of god, scan that GJ book! become a hero! :)