Sunday, August 13, 2006

Lez B Friends

Last post before i head out for Cali tomorrow. Thanks for the wishes.

oh, one more game news before i go, I TOTALLY missed this: Ar Tonelico gets pushed back until Feb 2007 for the US. I mentioned about it's release and awesome OSTs/music in this past post. I understand why it's being pushed back but now NIS America will have to compete w/ Atlus' Persona 3. February will definitely be an RPG orgy for the PS2.

Anyways, i'll see y'all peeps in a couple of weeks. Later!


Somber said...

WOW! Those are some nice pics :). Hope you have a good trip

Anonymous said...

Kinda OT, but where did you get those Melty Blood sprites?

Zanza said...

heh, posted a link to your blog in my blog, dawg. called you the Guru of Hentai XD

if you haven't picked up the Final Fantasy: Advent Children UMD yet, gimme a shout. i'm giving a copy away on my blog, had an extra one lying around