Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Princesses of Tennis

Sharapova's got nothing on Kirie and her tennis balls ^^. Take what you will of the title as it can apply to the girls of Girls Bravo, but in my mind it applies to Kirie's (.)(.) ;). Anyways, congrats to cutie Sharapova for winning the US Open last night and congrats to Federer for winning again tonight. He's just a consistent BEAST. That game was a hard game to watch as i like both Federer and Roddick. However, Roddick just ran out of gas at the end of the third set (which was VERY VERY entertaining). Enjoy the pics (which i've purposedly chose for my fave Kirie to be included).

though Kirie isn't in this one (though my 2nd fave Maharu is), it's just too good to pass up.

edit 09/11 8:05 AM EST: just a gaming tidbit before i head out. Though DMC 4 has been getting a lot of attention lately w/ the new chara Nero and all, Capcom's other popular franchise is getting a new title (sadly not SF ;_;), Biohazard/Resident Evil. The game is called Biohazard: Umbrella Corp Chronicle and it's exclusive for the Wii!!! Ruliweb's got all the scans and english translation. It sounds like a sweet "compilation" and can't wait for it!
There's aslo rumours of a Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix and a FFXII - Another story similar to KH1 and FFX.


Zanza said...

hmmm, read a couple volumes of the manga, never tried the anime tho. Girls Bravo and DearS, i will hafta get those two boxsets cheap one day, for the pure fanservice XD

R8 said...

if ya want pure fanservice, definitely go for GB. It's funnier AND raunchier.