Thursday, September 07, 2006

Back 2 School

And thus my last year of university officially started today. i've been pretty busy as of late, reason is cuz i'm a facilitator this year and have been "guiding" the freshmans in my program for Frosh Week ^^. I've been dead tired because of that and cuz a lot of my friends are back and every night has been an attack on my liver :P. However, i'm still not behind in game news or anything (seems like DMC 4 is slowly revealing more and more w/ scans, teaser, psp version and 4 more days for the site). I'll try to get my Hentai of the month next week if i can. Anyways, enjoy more school rumble (yes, one pic is a repost, but this version is cleaner ;)....yesh itoko yesh...:D.

though i will mention a game news that no one has since y'all know i'm a hardcore fighting gamer: Garou Densetsu/Fatal Fury 15th anniversary box set for November 8th. Priced at a whopping 15,540 yen (tax included). It's 6 discs and will include all GD games (1-3, Special, Real Bout GD/FF 1-2 & Special, Mark of the Wolves and the crapass 3D figther Wild Ambition). the 6th disc is a special disc featuring a bunch of misc. stuff in remembrance of the series. Sad to say, but i'm only partially interested in the special disc as i've owned ALL the games for years now ranging from SNES/SF, PSX, PS2 & PC :P. But the set is good for hardcore fans who've sold their old games or do not own them all, as they can get it in a sweet box.

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Zanza said...

blah, back to school. TGIF, this week has been brutal. i sincerely won't survive this term dude XD

anyway, cool school rumble pics, i made the third pic my desktop, i like it. i'm going into my 4th yr too man! nice, grad buddies *high five* ^.^