Friday, September 29, 2006

Chain of Tales 100%

Ichigo 100% pics are just my random anime hottie theme today. Anyways, I'd like to show off some sweet Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+/Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories Famitsu & Dengeki PS scans courtesy of my longtime source Ruliweb. Click on the scans to see more.

I hope the game will be coming to the US cuz unlike KH FM, this one will have Chain of Memories (called KH Re: COM) completely redone in 3D. However, since Re: COM comes on a seperate disc (w/ KH2FM+), they CAN bring it over and sell it seperately, hopefully at a cheaper price. HOWEVER, since it is a 'new' game on the PS2, they could charge full price (BASTARDS!). Though one is wondering if KHII FM+ will also be brought over, as
KH2 FM+ IS just the ENG version w/ JPN subs w/ prolly some new tweaks and bonus cutscenes (which might be the reason why they may not bring it over since SE might be lazy in localizing). However, they could use FM+ as a Greatest Hits and thus, will cause ppl who already bought it, want to buy it again :P (ala DBZ Budokai 3, it's added swap palettes + JPN voice options; DMC3, w/ it's added stages and Vergil). Either way, i'll still be getting the JPN version to be on the safe side as I bought the original KHII in Japanese as i'm used to hearing the characters in JPN, having played the first game in JPN. So it'll be a treat for me to finally hear some of the characters in Eng.. Square Enix also put up the official site today.

In other news, Jeux-France shows of some photos from Famitsu (scans will prolly be showing up shortly):

Subarashiki kono Seikai/ It's a Wonderful World
Trauma Center: 2nd Opinion - HAWT cuz it shows new hottie, Mira Kimishima
and some DQMJ

Lumines II Heavenly Star music video - for fun

Impress game Watch (as well as Famitsu) show off some new screenshots of Tales of the World for PSP and Tales of the Tempest for the DS. Shots show off battle and anime scenes. ToW looks awesome as they basically drew on Tales of the Abyss cameos (in ToA, you can fight against Mint from ToP, Rid/Reid from ToE/ToD2 US, Philia from ToD and Nanaly from ToD2 JPN) and made it into a game. The official US site for Tales of the Abyss opened a couple days ago too. I KNOW i'll get this game but i'm not sure when i'll play it cuz you got FFXII coming out after in a couple of weeks.

edit: ZOE 3...OMGOZ

So I'll end off w/ a slew of Ichigo 100% pics, starting w/ my very fave Satsuki!! Followed by my 2nd fave Nishino, 3rd fave Aya and uhh...not my fave (since y'all know i'm not a loli fan ;) gimme Kurokawa-sensei anyday!) Yui. Oh and finally, Manaka is such a fucking tool.

since i couldn't find any other Ichigo pics for my mizugi theme (i want to stick the the anime version and didn't want to use Kawashita art), this one will have to do.


Anonymous said...

So many RPGs, not enough time. Thanks for the heads up on Abyss. I think I might just go with Final Fantasy XII first and then get Abyss after.

Fisherman Horizon said...

Ichigo 100%. The manga was great until the debatable ending.

The TV series and the DVDs were real disappointment....

freakcan said...

I haven't read of the manga yet, but so far seems pretty good. Better than the tv series. However, if it wasn't for the tv series I would not have known about this show/series.

R8, where do you get all this time to play video games?? I just have a full-time job and am lucky to get 10-15 hours during M-F.

Fisherman Horizon said...

freakcan: If you watch the tv or dvd and then read the manga, you'll appreciate the manga more. If you read the manga and watch the anime, you'll appreciate the manga even more, pluse huge disappointment in the anime & DVD

R8 said...

@ anonym: i'll probably get both and put them off until i'm done my finals and essays and whatnot.

@ FH: yeah, the manga was okay, it IS debatable since most of girls and junpei's relationship were developed nicely. i didn't mind who he ended up with. as for the anime, i totally forgot how it they ended it w/ the tv series and ovas. i just remember yummy fanservice for satsuki!! XD

@ freakcan: well, games i usually play on certain weeknights and sometimes during the day on weekdays. I usually play in long periods (2-5 hours) depending on the game. W/ school and my part-time job, i don't frequent the arcades much anymore (so rusty). I'm just trying to get most of my games done this month before October hits as Oct and Nov, i'll be VERY busy w/ school.

Zanza said...

one of my fav fanservice series of all time!!! has been a while since i finished the manga tho, can't remember all the names. i liked the busty one tho, my fav for sure ^.^

R8 said...

@ zanza: which one? satsuki or aya? yeah, busty is gooood. 100% though? hahahaha

Fisherman Horizon said...

From the manga, busty holder:

Satsuki > Aya > Nishino > Yui.

Cant remember Kuro sensei, I think > satsuki.

freakcan said...

What about Chinami, Kozue, and Misuzu?

I should get back to reading it, since my source site is back online. Woohoo!

Fisherman Horizon said...

Because someone asked, so I search the manga.
Manga reference:
Nishino, Aya and Satsuki Ref: V4
Chinami & Misuzu Ref:V11
Kozue Ref:V14

Satsuki G
Aya E
Kozue D
Chinami D
Nishino B
Misuzu B

you know what size I'm talking about. :P No info on Yui though

R8 said...

no info on kurokawa?

Fisherman Horizon said...

I dont think there's info on kurokawa, but certainly she either bigger or on par with satsuki

Fisherman Horizon said...

sorry, in volume 12, she asked for a size H

Zanza said...

hahaha, wtf is a H cup?

p.s. R8, yeah, my fav is Satsuki. if i was Manaka, i definitely woulda chosen her

R8 said...

wow, an H-cup?! that's like a E or DD i think (JPN cup sizes are MESSED :P) That's too big even for me XD (well in real life), but kurokawa-sensei looks good w/ those massive jugulars in the animated format.

Zanza said...

HAHAHAHA! sorry R8, i was prepping for my anatomy midterm when i read your latest reply

jugular: of or pertaining to the throat or neck ie. jugular vein

man, R8 has weird fetishes ;)

R8 said...

@ zanza: haha, yeah, I know it doesn’t mean breasts, it’s just a slang that I often use w/ friends to sorta identify w/ stupid as it may sound XD.