Thursday, September 21, 2006

King of Wolves

A short post and probably the one to end off the week. Anyways, I got KoF 2006 and Okami yesterday. Pre-ordered both but got nothing. I think Gamestop was the one giving out art/buddha boards, yet there's no Gamestop in Canada. Also, no KoF Another Day w/ KoF 2006 :(. SnkDavid (site admin at snkpusa's message board) is gonna ask Herman about that.

Some game news i just want to note in a follow up from yesterday is scans of Ninja Gaiden Sigma. Ruliweb had them up this morning but i didn't have time to post. Anyways, Jeux-France presents you w/ better Famitsu scans of Rachel in action.

I'll also follow up w/ some DOAX2 stuff for ze hornee fanboys
limited FP item

I'll also present you some scans from Famitsu that both of my gaming sources do not have yet (yeah baby i beat Ruliweb & JF :D). Click on the images to see their respective scans....ohhh yesh Christe....oohhh yesh...pole dance.

Want to note that Trusty Bell has been renamed Eternal Sonata for NA.

Lastly, a couple of my fave Futakoi Alternative pics, especially the first one. It's undoubtedly my fave pic from FA, due to the the awesomeness of the Momoi twins. YESH Ai, YESH Mai, but Yesh Ai MORE ^^.

There's bound to be a ton of game news and media this weekend cuz of TGS (like FFXII Revenant Wings site going live as well as It's a Wonderful World). Sony has their conference in a couple minutes. However, i don't think i'll be covering since i got things in life to do XD. So yeah, check out my usual sources (ie. Ruliweb, Jeux-France, Joystiq, IGN, Gamespot, 1up, Siliconera, Cyberfanatix, etc.) Have a good weekend peeps!

edit September 22 8:32 AM EST: Been following many TGS news and trailers this morning (NG Sigma, MGS4 PO, WKS, RR7, DMC4, PS3 price cut in JPN, etc.) but the fighting fan in me just had to post this image (i wuv u elisabeth...sick art) and news taken from fighters front line (a jpn fighting game news site that i've frequented for almost a yr now).

At TGS SNK announces Samurai Spirits collection which collects 6 Samurai Spirits/Shodown games and World Heroes collection. Both will be released sometime in 2007 w/ a price tag 5040 yen. They also announced Koi no Iroha ('love of Iroha') for the DS w/ the same price tag and also scheduled for 2k7. If you don't know, Iroha has risen to fame due to her rack size in Samurai Spirits VI. She also has THE BEST super move in the game (where she strips and dices her opponents ;). Anyways, I'm sorta surprised that VI is included in the collection as i got it near the beginning of the year, but by the time it's released, it'll been 1 year since its release on consoles and almost 2 years in the arcade. I think they should've added the NG64 SS games ;).

edit #2 Sept. 23 6:32 PM EST: a little tidbit i want to mention b4 i head to dinner w/ my girlfriend (mmm...italian) is that snkp is planning to bring king of fighters and samurai shodown to the psp as the metal slug compilation is being well-received. enjoy the rest of the weekend and get hammed baby!


Anonymous said...

I don't know about the designs of FF12. Too bad trailer is not up, I also see some returning characters in the form of silhouettes.

I like It's a Wonderful World's designs. It does feel very Kingdom Hearts.

Fisherman Horizon said...

R8, Is revenant wing a sequel to FFXII?

R8 said...

yup, it's a sequel since the game takes place 1 year after ffxii ;).

Fisherman Horizon said...

But it's only for DS, rite....:(

DJ Ether said...

How are those games? Espeacially KOF 2006?

R8 said...

@ DJ: Okami IS AMAZING! It's a must have game if you own a PS2. It's just screams fun.
As of Kof 2k6/MI2. It's a big improvement over MI. Fun and lots of fanservice (yesh lien yesh) but being a hardcore fighter, it's pretty shallow. I play it w/ my friends who aren't big on fighters as we can all have some fun. Some of the missions are a bitch though.