Tuesday, August 14, 2007

From Paris w/ <3

How's it going for all the handful of ppl who may still visit this blog. As mentioned in my last post, I went on vacation and headed for Europe this year. I went to England, France, Italy, Germany & Spain. I'm also an engaged man now as I proposed to my girlfriend at the City of Love. Yes, I'm unoriginal :P. Anyways, probably be a year or two before the actual wedding. For those who are wondering, I'm only 24. So at my age, that's considered young. But I've had my fair share of "playing around" w/ girls (High School was insane ^^) and I dig my girlfriend very much as we've been going out for 3 years now. Anyways, I received a few items since my absence, but I'll probably wait for my AJ order of My-ZHiME Zwei vol.4 (+ others) before taking a pic. So yeah, I'm back for now, but still hella busy w/ life ;).


moyism said...

Congrats on proposing! And yea, 24 is pretty young IMHO to get married but more power to ya!

Fisherman Horizon said...

No wonder we haven't heard anything from you for so long. Nevermind, you have SOMETHING very IMPORTANT planned! ha ha.

Congratulation on your engagement. Eventhough you said it's not original, I'm pretty sure your fiance was touched and accepted your proposal.

So are you going to cut back on the posting since you have another commitment? :)

I'll be heading to Europe at the end of month as well, to Belgium via Germany.

R8 said...

thanks to both of ya! i'll send ya e-invitations to the wedding next year ^^.
yeah, my (somewhat) lack of spending on anime is mostly due to this.
I picked Paris cuz it's THE most romantic city in the world (supposedly :P ^_^) and figured the odds of saying "yes" was higher. It was either Paris or Rome, same difference imo.
I probably will be cutting back on posting as I'm so out of the blue w/ anime nowadays.
And I hope you'll enjoy your trip FH. Germany was kick ass. I want to go back for Oktoberfest!

Playboy19 said...

Yeah, as the others have stated man Congrats on the engagement. That's like a humongous milestone and I'm happy for you both. Yeah, I'm 23 and the marriage topic comes pretty often as well. I'll see how much longer I can hold out.

Wow,I've always wanted to travel. Those pictures are even more convincing in making me wanna travel.

R8 said...

@ pb18: thx man.
yeah, having done europe, i'm having a hard time to decide where to go next ^^.

Fisherman Horizon said...

R8, u r an anime & game fan. So Japan would sound good. I would love to visit Japan and South Korea in near future. Only that Japan will be expensive.

johnny said...

Yo man, was wondering where you'd got to. Just want to say congrats on the proposal!
Was England rainy enough for ya? Should have come over to NI for a bit ;)

R8 said...

@ johnny: thanks man.
yeah weather wasn't too bad. it was partly cloudy the time i was in London. Yeah, didn't have time for Ireland, let alone Northern Ireland ^^.