Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Have YOU been Corrupted?

Yeah, so I lied (about not updating till THE order), no surprise. However, there's been a change to THE order. I've delayed my order to October. Why? Well as the BIGGEST My~HiME/My~ZHiME/Hisayuki Hirokazu fan, I preordered the 舞-HiME & 舞-乙HiME MY COLLECTION book when it went up yesterday (At AJ as well as Mangaoh etc.), which I'm sure nobody knows about (well mainly the English speaking blogs/forums I've been to). It comes out end of Sept/beg. of Oct. Also, the 舞-HiME★DESTINY drama CD & Cyber Forumla 4 (for the PS2) both come out in October. All the more reason to delay (and of course I'm getting the Hisayuki-designed cover art of Claudette from Queen's Blade which is to be released also in Oct.). Though I won't get this game at AJ of course (can't obviously). Oh yeah, this game won't have Hisayuki exclusive designs/characters. It's another amalgam of the story but looks to be more emphasis on the anime storyline w/out the PS2 charas & teams. ANYWAYS, back to topic, yeah, due to the hype from the past couple of weeks. I gave in and bought Metroid Prime 3: Corruption today (oh lovely Samus, who can resist?).

I've only played Prime 1 and was never really fond of it. Of course I only played about an hour or so on my cousin's NGC back then. I also bought this game cuz I haven't played my Wii in months. So is this game worth all the hype and good reviews? Well from the 2 hours I played today...DEFINITELY!! Personally, I don't really care about the storyline, which is why I will never bother playing MP1 and Echoes. It's all about the gameplay and what the media said is true. This baby controls almost as smooth as butter. Advanced controls is definitely where it's at. The action is so awesome in this game. Some of the boss fights have been sick and I can't wait for the later ones. If you have a Wii, then you should or MUST get this game.


johnny said...

"If you have a Wii, then you should or MUST get this game"

Damn right. The Virtual Console can only sustain you for so long!
But yeah, mine should ship today. Looking forward to it.
Cut waaay back on the amount of games I'm buying at the one time lately to save money (gotta get that damn CC bill down) and also actually finish games before moving on.

Been mostly filling some holes in my JPN DC collection (getting there, not too many games left to get) and got me a fully modded Megadrive and have started into JPN MD collecting too.

Aside from that, Met. Prime 3, Heavenly Sword and skate is it for me this month.

Anonymous said...

Alright R8, you've convinced me..I'll be getting this.Thanks, man

R8 said...

@ johnny: wow, that's strange of you. never thought of the day when you'd cut down to 3 games in 1 month :P ^^.

@ PB19: well, if you like FPS (or in this case FPA-dventure) games, you'd surely dig. If not, you still might. I've never been a big FPS fan but I'm liking MP3 a lot.

Anonymous said...

Where did you get that Mai-Otome pic from?

mundee said...

Hi Can you tell me where do you order the books shown on the blog? What are some good stores?