Thursday, March 22, 2007

T & @ss 2 The MAX

Since y'all know that I follow DJ MAX Portable 2 closely (yesterday i had a scare w/ the JPN LE, turned out to be false thankfully) Ruliweb would like to show ya the opening movie and screenshots from it. Contains some 3D, 3D cel shading animation (really good), static images and modes from the game. It's okay but I was expecting something that would top the awesome (and 'fanservicey') Korean animated intro. I hope there's another intro cuz some games contain an 'opening' AND an 'intro', if you get my drift. Somehow, i doubt it as the OP song is featured in full as well as 'the band'. Oh well, it sux if that's the only opening/intro as one would've expected something bigger and better w/ the profits they made. Here's some pics from the intro from Ruliweb if you haven't already clicked on the above link. HAWT!

DJ MAX Portable 2 Vocal Paradigm 2 was also released today w/ hot e.l featured fully on the cover. yum. Need to check this out as i've been listening to vocal paradigm 1 for a month now.


Nectie said...

Nice pictures. I really like those Boing pics! Is there an anime of it?

R8 said...

@ Nectie: those pics in my previous post are actually from a bishoujo game by crossnet-pie. There's no hentai anime of it currently, but I expect one to be made probably in a year. Boin was made into a hentai and released by Milky-anime about 2 years ago iirc. it's been licensed and released uncensored by JapanAnime.