Sunday, March 18, 2007

My Fave Cooking M@sters

Only missing Miki though. So yeah, as you can see, today's idol includes (the ever hot & stacked) Azusa, Chihaya and Makoto.

Been sorta busy lately w/ NCAA basketball going on (damn, Ohio St. that was fucking close) and drinking myself crazy yesterday (hope ppl drank a lot of green beer ^^). Finally saw 300 recently and damn that was an awesome movie. Total guy film which my girl didn't mind watching with me ^^. Just wanna mention that two scenes really stood out for me. I was surprised about how evenly paced the story was (and the amount of story was surprising for an action movie).

Gonna talk about some gaming in which is related to this post's title. Some of you may or may not know that Cooking Mama Wii comes out in a couple of days. If you think that game on the DS was totally original then think again as there were a couple cooking games before it. I've been re-playing this pretty old and obscure PSX game that not many have heard about. I got this game not long after I got my first PS2 during my crazy PSone game rush (bought about 100+ psx games in 2000) as i skipped the 32-bit/64-bit era. This game is called Ore no Ryori and it's probably still THE BEST COOKING GAME i've played. i'll see if my opinion changes when i try cooking mama wii, though it doesn't seem like it'll overthrow OnR. So yeah, I remember picking this game up for like 5 or 6 bucks in the bargain bin and what a gem it is. The game takes full use of the dual analogs on the PSone controllers as w/out it, you can't play it. The game basically has you doing a ton of different food for customers in a restaurant like french fries, spaghetti, tempura, gyouza, udon, pancakes, pouring beer etc. So like real food and beverages, you need to know the correct way and recipe to make this all work and this is where the beauty of the dual analogs come in. Like for cutting things, you move the left analog left a bit to move, say, a vegetable. u then use the right analog to cut, by pressing down. So the motion is "left down left down", however you are rated on how well you cut the vegetable. If pieces are not (approximately) evenly cut, you'll get a low score for cutting. These score determines the final product of the food and if the customer is happy or not. It will also lower your status bar (which means game over when it reaches zero). Not only do you have to do a good job making the food, you also got to watch for your customers (as they have a timer bar & certain customers are critics) and micro manage on things they order. Say 3 customers come in at the same time and 2 want ramens while the other wants an ice cream. ramens take few steps to make, and it would save time to accept both ramen orders instead of one. While the ramen is in the step of boiling the noodles, you should then go ahead w/ the ice cream order. It's things like these that make things hectic (especially on the later stages) and fun. After doing a good job w/ the customers, you're then pit in a iron-chef style competition against one of the frog enemies (if ya want to know, basically, these frogs basically want food domination in your world and it's up to you to beat them). Food isn't the only thing one needs to worry about as there are events where customers may eat and run, u then have to chase 'em down. another even involves calling the police for a drunkard, so a rotating telephone comes up and you need one analog to dial while the other analog pushes the correct number. I highly recommend this game if you like cooking games or enjoyed Cooking Mama.

Curry House Coco Ichibanya was another fun cooking game worth mentioning on the PS2. The game is based on a restaurant in Japan and as you can tell from the name, they focus on curry dishes. The game is essentially like OnR in which you prepare food and need to micro manage w/ the customers. However, unlike OnR this game is focuses more on the perfection of making curry dishes since it lacks the variety of foods. OnR only had curry rice and it took like 3-4 steps. Still, the game is great fun, but still can't beat OnR.

Getting off the cooking scene, i just wanted to make a note on the Kenichi PS2 fighting game from Capcom in which i picked up on friday. While the graphics are good for an anime fighter (sweet original anime intro too), it's simply too shallow like most anime fighters. U can't duck or jump in the game. you auto-guard high and low attacks when you don't press a thing (sorta like Tekken, but tekken only blocks highs/mids and you can still press back to block). The counter button is like DOA but most of the counter moves look crappy and don't deal much damage. Every one basically has the same moves (ie. qcf + light, qcf + strong, qcb + light, qcb + strong) and super moves (qcf ,qcf + strong). It's pretty pathetic. Speaking of super moves, the qcf x 2 + strong is hard to peform unless you use one of your power up gauges. It's still do-able w/out using the gauge though. So yeah, there goes a knock on controls. Combos are basically like tekken where you dial'em in or button mash and you'll sort of get something. If you're a fan of the Kenichi manga and anime, you'll obviously dig. However, for anime fans, the game's story mode will spoil ya since it skips a lot & goes way past the current episodes (ep.22 is only about halfway through the game's story mode). The mini games are fun for like the first 2-3 times and will get bored quickly after. In the end, can't recommend this game at all for any fighting game fans.

So, i'll end on a happy note w/ my two fave girls from the recently released Resort Boin game, Mika & Kanae. Happo's work is too awesome.

Where the fuck is my fave gal Touko from Boin? While Nao & Mitsugu are hawt (moreso for Nao), why didn't Touko return!!!!!

I'll finish up on iM@S soon and hopefully have something good.


Juliant59 said...

Very nice post Rogue. OSU survived that scare and I was glad cuz they almost busted most of my brackets. I'm rooting for my Bruins though to take the championship but if they did not I would not mind Oden taking it. 300 was awesome indeed. Blood, gore, blood, gore, nudity. Did I mention the blood? :P. I need to go pick up Cooking Mama for my DS this week as it's super cheap in the Circuit City ad. Only game I'm getting for sure this week though is DBZ Shin Budokai: Another Road for PSP. I'm a DBZ game whore so I guess it must be mine! Take care dude.

Fisherman Horizon said...

R8, Did you played GSD Omni vs zaft II plus. I got a bit stuck on one of the PLUS mission. Wonder if you got through the missiles mission with Haine and Athrun?

johnny said...

Heh, that reminds me that I still have OnR unplayed.
I picked the Best version of it up last year but haven't started it yet.
I might do that later today actually.

Yeah, CM is a lot of fun but fairly shallow. I played the DS version to death so aside from the control scheme, it's more of the same really.

I've been looking at getting that Curry House game but the price is putting me off. Seems to average £30 or so preowned.

R8 said...

@ juliant: yo! 'sup? been a long time man. Yeah, that was an amazing comeback and that guy on Xavier will regret it for the rest of his life for missing those free throws. Oden played okay that game (missing free throws and fouling out), hopefully he'll step it up. I'm hoping either Georgetown vs. Ohio St. semi-final and UCLA vs. Florida semi-final. If either of those 4 teams make it to the championship, i'll be happy.
Yeah, i want to get DBZ SB: AR as well since i'm a DB whore too. Mirai Trunks is also my fave DBZ character. However, i'm budgeting and my money is being spent elsewhere. Games like Musou Orochi and Rozen Maiden Geppetto Garden i plan to pick up. Next week there's Hokuto no Ken (which is my most anticipated game this month) and KH2 Final Mix+. Though i'm still debating on KH2 as it's not a game i wanna replay again at the moment. It will be my first time playing the game w/ Eng. cutscenes and i'm stoked about the extras (theater mode in both languages!!!). Re:CoM looks too sweet and i mostly wanna replay that. Oh well, i'll see. Good to see ya man. Should drop on by more and update your jounral :P ^^.

@ FH: heh, i do have the game and only played a few missions of it. mostly played multi-player too. i'm nowhere near done that game cuz i don't have the motivation currently and cuz i never watched all of Seed Destiny. Gamefaqs should have a faq up that may help.

@ johnny: guy, u gotta play OnR. it's too sick. i'm excited about cooking mama wii cuz i never played the DS version and it's been a while that there has been a good/decent cooking game. i heard about how short it is, thus i might giving it a rental first.
Yeah, it's not worth it for that amount. You should pay anywhere from 10-25 bucks CDN. $30+ would be pushing it IMO.

R8 said...

in reply to juliant's DBZ comment. some hot shizzat jeux frace revealed from v-jump magazine: DRAGON BALL ONLINE and Toriyama will be helping w/ development (most likely just designs as seen from scans). Beta testing begins in Korea this summer! OMG LOOKS SICK!! pics here: DB Online Scans

Juliant59 said...

I hear ya on the budgeting R8 but I really liked the first Shin Budokai so I think this one will be just as good and I see it has Bardock at least. I just hope for more characters and some kick ass specials. It looks to have wireless battles this time so that should be a plus. That DBZ online game looks awesome as well. Most of my dough though is going to a PS3 finally. I need the PS3 now! Can't wait because I want to play Resistance and Def Jam Icon. I'm a sucker for the Def Jam series. So it's the DBZ game, PS3, and probably the new Command and Conquer game.

I'll try to update my journal more, I was thinking of putting some replicant pages from the last issue or my collection of anime. We shall see. Take care dude


WRex said...

I'm not into games, but those Resort Boin girls were just awesome... is it bad if I say I went "boing?" ^_^;;

R8 said...

@ Wrex: heh, no wrong in saying that ^^. Happo's work is just jaw dropping. Definitely should make more doujins and i hope there will be a resort boin best selection book like boin had.