Sunday, March 11, 2007

New Theme: i'M @n aSs

Seriously, everytime I see "iM@S", that's how i read it to myself in my head, (probably out loud too ^^). Anyways, since i haven't done a theme in a while, i decided to pick iDOL M@STER since it's based on an arcade game as well as a recently released Xbox 360 game. I'll be also doing Xenoglossia, thus it'll coincide w/ my game & anime interest. Though i'm not a fan of the game since i do not have access to play it (nor have any particular interest in playing it after watching a friend play it), I am a fan of the simple yet great character designs, which were done by legendary Lunar artist, Toshiyuki Kubooka. It's because of Kubooka that got me interested in learning about the game itself as I loved his character designs for Lunar. However, unlike iM@S, i like the Lunar games. Thus, after learning that Kubooka worked on this game, I wondered how his art fared over the years. It has still got a bit of his distinct style, but iM@S's designs are much simpler than his old Lunar designs. Especially the faces, an area that was already 'simple' for the Lunar characters. The simplicity is most likely because Namco wanted them to be simple so they would translate well (and easier) in 3D. As for me covering Xenoglossia, well, it's one of the Spring shows that I'm looking forward to and hope to follow mainly cuz it's Sunrise. That and cuz the show will undoubtedly become a hit w/ anime fans, since it contains all the pedigrees to make a show popular. A plot to keep the world @ peace? check. Robot/Mechas? check. A well known staff and animation production in charge? check. Action/violence? check. Cute underage school girls? check. Fanservice for the horny boys? check. So yeah, there's more than enough that this is gonna be a hit w/ the anime fanboys and girls. It's already a franchise in the making being loosely based off the game. Aside from the show being from Sunrise, i'm looking forward to the show cuz of the animated forms of some of my fave chicks from the game (from appearances of course). Oh, AND the mecha action in the comiket 71 trailer cuz i'd be lying if i said no. However, i'm having hard time listening to the lead, Asami Haruka (Iguchi Yuka). Her voice in the anime just annoys me for some reason. I would've preferred if they had used the seiyuus from the game. Well, just for Haruka (Nakamura Emiko).

So yeah, expect more frequent updates SOLELY consisting of iDOL M@STER promo art. I might stick a post w/ content/rant in there ^_^. Finally for those who care, here's the chicks i dig from the game and anime, based on appearance and designs:

iM@S game:
1. Miki Hoshii
2. Azusa Miura
3. Chihaya Kisaragi
4. Makoto Kikuchi

iM@S anime:
1. Azusa Miura
2. Chihaya Kisaragi
3. Hotaru Yasuhara
4. Makoto Kikuchi

I'm sure most of my picks aren't too surprising since it's known that i like my chicks "developed". I actually like the minor looking characters in the anime more than Makoto's anime design (ie. Chikako & Naze), but decided to stick her in there even though it looks like she won't play a huge role out of the rest of the school girls. Yeah, i'm not a fan of any of the main 3 in the show (they look so stereotypical in personalities), but if i had to pick one of the 3, i guess i would go w/ Iori even though yukiho is the most "developed" of the three. Iori looks like she's got a spunky (but also bitchy attitude) that i might like. Still, not a fan of the 3, hopefully they'll have some good development that will change my impressions when the show begins.
One of my fave iM@S art featuring ever hawt Miki & Chihaya, oh, and Ritsuko :P ^^. If Azusa was in there, it would've been PUUUUURRRFECT. Thanks to Digi for letting me know about this cover ;).


Shokkeru said...

Ah yes, Idolmaster. The guys at work always talk about this game so negatively and I can understand why. The whole "lolicon" thing makes this game a bit questionable. However, I think at least the anime will be decent since it focuses more on mechas and stuff rather than teen idol shows. My co-workers would always joke about how they should play this in the arcade wearing a trenchcoat and a brown paper bag over their heads.

DiGiKerot said...

No love for Ritsuko? Bah :P

I'm not really a fan of Azusa in the game - to be honest, she sounds a little retarded. She shares that kind of slightly slow and droning speech that most of the characters in Kanon have ^^;

I know what you mean about the main three being rather generic, though - could Yukiho be any more Erstin?

johnny said...

Heh, R8's got the iMAS bug ^ ^
This is the point where me and Digi go on at you to join us on the dark side and buy the game.

I figured Miki would be your fav (she's my #2) but I didn't think Makoto would rank so high with you. She's me personal fav (tomboys ftw) though :)

LOVE that last pic you have there. Hadn't seen that one before.

R8 said...

@ shokkeru: well, it's not that the game is really bad or anything. it's just not my cup of tea. i don't really think the game is a 'lolicon' cuz all you are is a producer for the idols and just want to make them a star (ie. jojo). it's not an original game as there has been a game that has sort of done it before, but iM@S DID take it to the next level. so, it's not a game i'd be ashamed about playing. if i was playing that is ^^.

@ digi: well, i don't have anything against ritsuko, her design just doesn't have that 'HOTness' if ya know what i mean. Plus, i'm not a fan of girls w/ pigtails as it gives them that 'little girl' feel. Her game design is much hotter than her anime design. As for Azusa, yeah, she's ranked high for me simply cuz of her 'mature-older' look ^_^, but that's no surprise there. Yeah, since i only know so little of the personalities, my picks were based solely on appearance as mentioned. But yeah, i totally guessed that she would have that hot, developed, always happy, big sister, ditzy personality in the game. Her anime persona seems to be more straight-leveled and in charge.

@ johnny: heh, i'm glad you and digi didn't cuz i would never shell out that much money like you two for the LE (DJMP2 is already the hightest i've spent on a game). BD is still the only game that makes me want a 360. The NA version sounds awesome since it's been mentioned it will include both languages.
Makoto ranked pretty high w/ me since i have a soft spots for tomboys. I really like her game design, especially the short hair. It's probably because I also like (and use) King from AoF. Though i didn't like her until the KoF games and started using her from '95 to present. She's one of my main charas in the CvS series though.