Tuesday, March 13, 2007

3 iM@Sketeers

Today it's the main three from the anime.

Also, PA's personal agent announced yesterday that they finally got in restock copies of DJ Max Portable 1 Korean version. So, don't miss out on this chance to have one the best PSP games. Sorry UK folks :(.

Finally, looks like it didn't take me long to give in to my weak-willed Hisayuki obsession. I preordered that Queen's Blade Comic Anthology that i mentioned 2 posts ago. I mean, how could a resist w/ a cover like this:

♥Ultra HAWWWT, me wuv me wuv♥

The Otome site also updated yesterday w/ a new Otome novel. It's part two of the Otome saga featuring Ayane. The novel is called My-ZHiME saga ~ Ayane's Hijyou (舞‐乙HiME列伝 ~アヤネ飛翔☆篇~). Once again, Hisayuki will have a little bit of input. The novel will be released April 10th. U can bet your ass that i'll be getting both this novel and QB Comic Antho. However, i won't get them until the end of May ;).

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TKsen said...

Those are some sweet art.