Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Anni & the King

1 year anniversary of Rumbling (her eyes ARE FUUUCKED)

Well, it's this blog's one year anniversary. i was just fooling around last thanksgiving (in Canada) and decided to start up a blog as fabio's blog (now pretty much defunct) inspired me. Anyways, hopefully i can last another year of pics of purdy ladies in 2d and 3d form, as well as the occasional purchase orgies and of course game news (ie. sega genesis collection cover; a german interview w/ Tekken's suzaki & harada, hinting that they would be interested in doing a VF vs. TK...OMG if that ever happens; Sweet interview w/ Sakaguchi regarding Blue Dragon (luv) and LO; God Hand gets a 3.0 from IGN...whereas Gamespot gave it an 8.0!!...sorta expected from one site, which was in this case IGN...like i mentioned before in my review, the game isn't for everyone...pansy ass reviewer prolly couldn't handle the difficulty & got frustrated, thus = low score; Tales of the Abyss arrives in NA tomorrow, i'll have pics of that). So, I'll end off w/ a bunch of fanservicey pics in celebration.

and as the biggest Hisayuki/HiME/ZHiME fan, it's only natural that I include a couple of Hisayuki-related pics (as old as they may be :P) ;).

Oct. 12 12:10 AM edit: WHAT? NO MORE CLOVER!


Fisherman Horizon said...

Congratulations on your blog's 1st anniversary. Mine's a month to go.

Your blog has been excellent, especially the information on gaming. Not to mention occassional fanservice post.

Hope the blog's constantly running and more popularity.

R8 said...

thanks for the support FH. i'll try to keep it going for as long as i can. the blog's not that popular and it doesn't get many hits mainly cuz i don't have a rss feed set up (which i don't know how to set up and have been lazy to learn). but i've been pretty satisfied w/ the regulars that visit :).

Fisherman Horizon said...

You can try animenano. I sign up but it took about 1 month for the review process. After that I do get more hits/visits.

johnny said...

Yo, congrats on the 1 year anniversary dude! Here's to another year :D
Yeah, the IGN God Hand score is messed up. Reading what they said about it, they are obviously taking it waaay too seriously. It's not perfect but a 3.0 is pretty brutal - definitely does seem like the reviewer can't handle the difficulty level.

Oh yeah, I just preordered the LE version of The IdolM@ster on the 360...£150 after shipping :P
I know Digikerot is slowly being lured in to buying a Japanese 360 just to play the game so you and/or he should definitely do an Idolmaster feature on your blogs! :P

R8 said...

@ FH: yeah, i might think about that.

@ johnny: yeah, there's no mention of the difficulty in the IGN review iirc. he was juss too afraid to mention it. As for idolmaster, yeah, don't know. if there's a lot of good pics to choose from, i might. the concept is very interesting though it's cool (or scary :P) that your idol can contact you to raise her, but those tamagotchi/pokemon sorta games aren't really my style. It would be cool if my arcade got it, but too bad it's very JPN and hardly any one would play. i'm just looking forward to BD as that's prolly the game that would sell me a 360.

Somber said...

Congrats on your 1 year. Keep those pics coming!

WRex said...

That last pic was just... juicy. Congrats on your first anniversary. ^_^

Btw, I've finally moved my photo blog to my server and have uploaded a few pics. It is now: http://wrexgrafix.com/photos/blog


R8 said...

thanks somber and wrex. i'll update my links for you now wrex. it's been awhile since you've taken pics and i'm looking forward to more!