Monday, October 16, 2006

Going my Wii

Yeah, that's right, as i already mentioned before, i was sure to get a Wii on launch. Today was the day to preroder PS3s and Wii in Canada. I mentioned before that the PS3 was too expensive for me (being a Uni student), not only that, the 'wife' needs to spent on at times too ;). However, even if i wanted one, i wasn't part of the hardcore as the ppl who preordered the PS3 at my local EB were waiting for at least 10-15 hours. EBs throughout my city were only getting 8 PS3s and 15 Wiis. I WILL get a PS3 in the future though, probably when Tekken 6 comes out (OBVIOUSLY...VF5 is tempting though...but my arcade said we'll be getting the JPN one soon...FINALLY).

I arrived at about half an hour before the store opened this morning to preorder my Wii (i was #5 in line :D). By the time the store opened, all 15 Wiis were gone. So as you can see, i preordered Zelda and Trauma Center (so weird spelling it this way :P): Second Opinion. I was contemplating on Red Steel, but that game doesn't really appeal to me much since i'm not big on FPS games in the first place. The game does intrigue me cuz it takes place in modern day Japan (i wuv JPN) but that's about it. I've heard about problems w/ the controls (clunky, but it has been far improved) and the sword fights take WAAAAY too long IMO. I'll decide if i'll get it when the reviews come in. It won't sell out cuz it's gaijin made game and those are easily available throughout NA. Whereas a game like TC, if that sells out, it might be a while for that game to restock like the DS one. Though i don't think it'll sell out since not many ppl 'know' about it and it's not graphically amazing on terms w/ something like RS (which looks the be the prettiest game in the Wii lineup). Anyways, be sure to look for photos on Nov.19 when i get cracking at this baby...that's if you're not getting one already...or yet. Enjoy some Wii news btw and my usual random fanservice :).

Official Bleach Wii site upates w/ movies and info [Ruliweb snaps of the update...4 the lazy](so modding my system for this...thinking about preordering for the promo DVD)
Trauma Center 2nd Opinion scans from 2 days ago (JF was late at getting this)

Bully (PS2) gets a 8.9 from IGN (pretty good...too bad i'm not into these free-roaming GTA style of games)


Fisherman Horizon said...

R8, what's the release price of both PS3 and Wii??

Playboy19 said...

I also pre-ordered my Wii Friday, but there was no line whatsoever. Actually, I even was able to pre-order it hassile free on my lunchbreak lol. Anyways, I can't w8 till this baby is released!

Vinn said...

I was luckily able to find a PS3 for preorder after driving to about 8 EBgames/Gamestop. I miss the Wii preorder cause I overslept though. Hopefully can get one through online ordering once that opens up.

R8 said...

@ FH: the 20 gig PS3 costs 499 US/549 CDN, while the 60 gig costs 599 US/659 CDN (those are the set CDN prices). So yeah, according to the currency exhchange, it's cheaper than the US, HOWEVER, there is tax and our tax varies by province (Alberta being the cheapest). The EB i went to was only offering the 60 gig...makes sense. The Wii costs 249 US/279 CDN.

@ playboy19: oh man! you're back! juss noticed you've started updating again!
Yeah, i went early cuz i wanted to make sure i got one at launch and wasn't too sure if there'd be a big line. Luckily i did. i'm so hyped!

@ vinn: i'm sure you'll get one. 1 million at launch is quite a lot and if not, you'll be sure to get one during Christmas season unlike the rare PS3 (which you can gloat about having ^^).

johnny said...

Congrats on the Wii preorder. Hopefully Lik-Sang won't fuck up and my Wii and PS3 preorders there will be ok.
I'm still keeping my JP/US Wii and PS3 game preorders though. Given how many games I buy/play, I'd hate to have to play catch up if I didn't get one at launch :P (my Wii JP and US preorders alone are around 15 games atm)

Zanza said...

hahaha, you crazy gamers

looks like i will hold off the PS3 till the first price drop. not as excited for it as the Wii, which i should be getting at Launch

lotsa peeps worried about getting a Wii next month, for some reason, i'm pretty confident i will get one. literally a hop and a skip away from a couple huge Futureshops here in Vancouver, i bet there quite a few copies of the Wii will be grabbed by eager gamers but as usual, the initial stock will exceed first day demand.

not sure what games i'm gonna get, for sure Red Steel and Zelda tho. i really want to play Mario Galaxy but, looks like i'll hafta wait =(

R8 said...

@ johnny: whoa, that's a lot of games preordered already. that's almost all launch games. i'm only interested in about 3 launch games and the obvious bleach game in dec. w/ that many online preorders, u should be bound to get one.

@ zanza: yeah, i'm the same, there's NOTHING at all for the ps3 that has me interested. it's one of the worst launches IMO. the only games that i would be interested is RR7 and Genji (though Genji doesn't look all that great on the PS3 as it did on PS2). the ps2's launch was just awesome w/ tekken tag, RRV, SSX, SFEX3.
Yeah, i'm not worried about the Wii supplies, they guranteed enough for the holiday season and it will undoubtedly be the hottest item for Christmas.