Monday, October 30, 2006

Just Another Day

After a month of waiting + nagging my EB store, they finally obtained 1 single copy of the King of Fighters Another Day anime just for me. This promo dvd was supposed to be packed w/ the US version of game but because of the delay of the US game, SNKP decided to release the game w/out the DVD to prevent it from further delay. Thus the price was lowered and the DVD was made scarcely available about 2 weeks after. Most game stores in the US didn't even know about it. Game stores in Canada had no clue (what noobs). When the DVD WAS made scarcely available, it was in the States only. No stores in Canada were getting it since it was already rare in the States. However, after bitching at my EBgames store and @ the manager, they finally obtained one just for me. Even though i have fansubs of it and can watch it on my DVD player, it just feels gooood to have the actual licensed DVD w/ better picture (MUCH BETTER), sound, eng dub (for the fun of it) and minor extras.

Since i already covered most of the anime previously, i'll just comment on the DVD. All 4 episodes split into 4 chapters. Sound includes JPN stereo, JPN 5.1 DD Surround, ENG stereo and ENG 5.1 DD Surround and a Commentary track w/ NO subtitles for the commentary and just the show. Speaking of subtitles, they're really dubtitles and is not an actual translation of the JPN track. So it's annoying if one understands some JPN and is reading the 'sub'titles. Having watched the entire show RAW (before the fansubs came out months after) and understanding it, i had no problems. But it's a nitpick that should be noted. I understood the show cuz: a)it's easy JPN, b)i have some knowledge of the language having taken courses of the years, and c)i'm a hardcore fan and know the KOF series like the back of my hand. The extras include character sketches/line art, a trailer for the online anime and TVCMs for the game (KOF Maximum Impact 2). Here's some samples of the chara sketches on the DVD,

my KOF MI fave gal, Lien. yesh yesh

fan fave Mai

THE BEST SNK character and my fave SNK chara

Too bad there was no art for Elisabeth (how i love her) and Luise. Anyways, sweet fanservice DVD if you're a fan.

Some mix of old and new gaming news i'd like to make since my last post cuz i want to.

Metal Gear Solid 4 for Spring 2007 in JPN? - i doubt it. It's way too early and it's been tradition (since the last 2 solids) that the game comes out after the US. Also, when it hits the US, it's usually released near fall (around sept-nov timeframe) like all the other Solid games cuz of Christmas season. So yeah, i'm expecting like a release of a demo or something but not the actual game.

Metal Gear Portable Ops Premium pack and Konamistyle Limited Premium pack - only the true hardcore fans of MGS and Hideo Kojima need apply (ie. Junker HQ's Artemio Urbina, who's undoubtedly THE GREATEST Kojima fan if ya didn't know). These sort of premium packs aren't anything new as Konami has released them before w/ previous MGS and ZOE 2 games. The Premium costs 29,190 yen (Euro 195 / USD 248), while the KS PP costs 39,690 yen (Euro 265 / USD 337)Bigger pics can be found at IT media who was the first to get the scoop followed by Impress and then Famitsu (didn't feel like linking the latter).

Famitsu shots of the mini games and sexy cutscene that i mentioned about in Ryu ga Gotoku 2. Expect a scan soon.

Famitsu shots of the Zack of All Trades shop in DOAX2. Lisa in Venus outfit shown in link...woot.
Xboxyde shows off a gameplay video of DOAX2 in Paris @ the Micromania Games Show.

Old shots of Oanechanbara vorteX, showing off Misery, more enemies, customizable outfits (!) and some more details on the systyem.

Jeux France shows off new Famitsu scans of Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors (Wii), in which they had photos of the same shots the other day. The official site went up today but isn't open yet. Put your pointer over the words for some musical fun ;). The game will be released some time in 2007.

Necro-Nesia (Wii) promotion video vol.1 - needless to say, i'm not all that interested in this game since day one.

Gamespot tests PS3's backwards compatibility. obvious results.

Ruliweb's got a streaming Famitsu movie of Portrait of Ruin. It's the same old w/ cool gameplay and anime cuts from the intro. Speaking of the anime intro, it was released some days ago on the official site, very sweet.

Bleach Wii scans - which do not seem all that new to me. i could've sworn i saw this last week or so.

A live-action Chun Li Street Fighter movie in 2008. NOOOOO, i don't want another failure. Just gimme a anime movie of the greatest female fighter in fighting game history and chuck in a bunch of fanservice. That is NOT the way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of SF. I hope this project never goes through.

I'll finish off w/ a Lien pic and I'll have a Halloween post tomorrow. Later.


muhootsaver said...

OMG...KOF!!! I heard Capcom got Neogeo. Hows the graphic? I haven't played that since KOF98. I wasn't too happy with the releases after that so I stopped playing, but if the graphic got better, I might give it a shot.

johnny said...

I think Necro Nesia looks great. It's one of the many Japanese Wii games I have preordered.
You hear Playasia have now cancelled PS3 preorders too? That's my backup plan away as a result.

You better hope MGS4 (or DMC4 for that matter) don't come out in any region before I get my PS3 because there will be hell to pay if they launch and I can't play them!

R8 said...

@ muhootsaver: Capcom getting neo geo? no there's no such thing of that. SNKP IS releasing a Cardfighters DS which will have both companies again. If you're talking about the game's graphic, they're so so and they're in 3D since MI2/2k6 is non-canon to the main KOF series. '98 is considered the best in the series so i'm not surprised you didn't play after that. However w/ 2k2 and XI, SNKP is back on their game. The graphics haven't been improved significantly but they do look better than '98. Most sprites are sadly the same, some w/ a new look but animation isn't quite as smooth as something like Garou MOW or Street Fighter III. XII will be made from ground up w/ new sprites (finally) and new graphics engine Taito Type X2 (hopefully it'll be as good or better than GGX and maybe something on par w/ SF33s). KOF '98 will be released on PS2 w/ improved graphics (backgrounds & probably filtering) as part of a "Re-Bout" like '94. So if you liked '98 be sure to catch that one next year.

@ johnny: no i didn't hear about PA caving in. That REALLY SUX. U try NCSX? They're from the States but i'm not sure how their shipping is to EU. However, since it's this late already, it's unlikely you'll get one from them. sry bud, hopefully some luck out of nowhere will happen and you'll be able to secure yourself one before year's end.

johnny said...

Nah dude, NCSX ain't taking many preorders and the few they did will be loooong gone. I do have a JPN Wii preorder there though (and the Idolmaster SE! ^ ^)
I'm gonna miss out at launch although depending on how quickly supplies start filling US stores to a point where you can walk in an pick one off the shelf will determine how quickly I get one...if I can find someone willing to buy and ship me one.
I think Zanza's up for it but I'd hate to have the poor guy checking 10 stores every day for a PS3! :P

R8 said...

heh, that'd be awesome if he were able to find one. though it's gonna be a lot harder since most are being shipped to the US instead of Canada.

DJ Ether said...

Hi, I finaly around playing KOF MI2. It's really fun and I like it. The story good too. I can't wait for the sequel.

Zanza said...

yo R8! sweet post when, nice pics. that game looks sweet

just got back from EB, was kinda surprised to hear i was the first one to buy FFXII at my local EB. guess there wasn't enuff hype/interest when a customer walking in at 10am is the first to buy the game

R8 said...

@ DJ Ether: yeah the game's not bad. story's ok as it's getting kind of weird as we're dealing w/ aliens. I hope the sequel will have major improvements in graphics.

@ Zanza: wow, that IS surprising. I browsed around in the store before i picked up early this morning (around 9:30-10:00 am) and i saw 4 ppl pick their CE's up. I think everyone's just as school that's why.