Tuesday, July 01, 2008

They will be mine, oh yesh, they will be mine

First up, it's Canada Day. So Happy Canada Day to all the Canadians out there. The My-ZHiME site made an update today w/ a preview of vol.2. So can't wait. the My-ZHiME S.ifr site made some update w/ new pics. Also it seems that the so called 'new project' isn't an anime but a novel. I'm kinda down but pleased all the same as a novel saves me much more money than an anime series.

Speaking of novels it seems that the release date for the 舞-HiME★DESTINY ~龍の巫女~ vol.2 is August 1st. So yeah, I'll be getting my hands on that of course. However, I AM debating on whether I should combine it w/ my My-ZHiME S.ifr #2 order. Lastly, the site also revealed some figures of Rena from S.ifr. Since I'm so not up to date on figure news, this is new to me. The 9800 yen figure is of no interest to me (meh looks and retarded price), however, I'm really contemplating about getting the Rena swimsuit figure. If I do, it'd be my first figure in 2 years. I guess the deciding factor will be the finished quality and price. Really would want the mail in order DX version as it comes with a Hisayuki telephone card. Oh well, we'll see.


XBlade said...

Cool site. Those are some hot pics of Rena. She's definitely my favorite character in Otome now.

R8 said...

i guess she's somewhere up there in my top otome list. s.ifr just made her really fuckin' cool