Saturday, June 28, 2008

Oh yesh! Summer 2008 is here, time to shed some skin

How's it going all? nothing happening too much, sort of a long weekend (depending where you work and your company policies) going on as Canada Day is on Tuesday. Preparations are going smoothly if anybody's wondering. Haven't made any big purchases in the otaku world. I DID buy MGS 4 LE and anybody who is a fan needs to play/watch it :P. July's gonna be good as My Otome S.ifr vol.2 finally comes out. I totally can't wait! I already can't wait for vol.3 as that's been pre-ordered a month ago. Release date is for Nov.21 if anybody didn't know. I may or may not have a huge 'stuff' pic in July. We'll see, it depends on if I have the extra dough. So yeah, enjoy the yummy pics (mostly from latest issue of megami). The selections are obviously the shows I dig/dug and will dig.

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