Monday, July 07, 2008

Hirokazu Soul Calibur IV

OH YEAH!!! Design is okay nothing great or special. Definitely giving me Mashiro Child vibes. Anyways, SC IV is gonna be a sweet looking, fanservice heavy, unbalanced, broken and shitty fighting game! ^_^. so sad so sad, well, that's what SC 1 and even SC 2 is for (maybe even SE).


Johnny said...

Yeah, I'm loving the character design for that chick, very nice!
Can't wait for SC4 even with the faults you mentioned.
Been playing SC1 on XBLA (already own the DC version, had to rebuy tho! ^_^;;) which is as awesome as even, depsite being gimped of story mode, being able to unlcok characters and no online play! (WTF?!)

You played any of the recent fighters? Got Battle Fantasia, KoF 98 Ultimate Match and Sengoku Basara X recently (pics on blog). Nice to get the PS2 fired up again for some new games, even if they cost as much/ a little more than a new PS3/360 game...
Gonna pick up Sunsoft Collection soon to for Waku Waku 7!

Lots of other cool stuff recently too like Ini D Extreme Stage on PS3 which is absolutely amazing!

R8 said...

yeah, w/ the exception of battle fantasia, i got all the fighters you mentioned & sunsoft collection. been mostly playing KOF '98 of the three. I tried Battle fantasia on Xbox. not my cup of tea like basara X as I'm not a huge Arc Systems fan but do appreciate their games

Chacranajxy said...

Hey, you - Rogueman_8. Yeah, you. Remember me? Chacranajxy from AOD? No? C'mon, think harder!

Well, if it comes back to you, I wanted to ask you about some of that pictoral stuff you've got. If you wouldn't mind, could you shoot me an email over at