Friday, February 22, 2008

New ZHiME OVA is 'Overloding' w/ 'Syphilis' and Win

So I hope y'all have watched S.ifr as this post will contain some spoilers. If you don't get the Syphilis part well, if you watched S.ifr and just listen to the characters say Sifr's name. It sounds like an attempted engrish Syphilis at me, maybe I'm high ^^. Either way, it just makes me laugh almost everytime i hear them say..."See/shee-fuu-ruu". Or you can associate it w/ the yuri that goes on :P.

So yeah, episode 1 was amazing w/ good combo of fanservice in all categories: action, comedy, boobs (fuck yeah lena, no thank you Sifr), some drama, yuri, homages. Hisayuki, you are definitely my hero. Great job as director and really dug Lena using the Lofty Crimson Jade/Ayane robe [which I showed from the novels oh sooo long ago (1/NSFW), (2)]. Love the ED credit image w/ old and new charas.

The DVD arrived today and even though I watched it thrice yesterday, I gave the DVD a go w/ 2 more viewings. Thus, showing how much I'm loving it. However, Sifr is killing me. She's too annoying, first viewing was okay but it grated on me in the subsequent watches. She's too much like Arika (not that I hate Arika mind you) and they're not, so don't give me that she passed it down bullshit as S.ifr is an afterthought of the series. But I'm just hating her as she's 'copying' Arika's charm.

SO, yeah, DVD is your standard stuff, there's no FP or LE. Standard DVD only and the booklet doesn't contain any new concept art that the official site and other sites have shown you save maybe for Lena in Lofty Crimson Jade robe.

As you can see, I also got the 舞-乙HiME Dream Box from last month. The box is kinda boring to look at. Chipboard quality. It houses 3 DVD cases.
The fan disc doesn't include an insert of any kind. The ZHiME movie doesn't inlcude a booklet but houses a pack of postcards featuring the R2 covers.

The ZHiME Zwei movie is the same. Just postcards of the R2 covers but has 2 extra postcards that were promo images during Zwei's release.

That's it for now, next post I'll show ya the otaku stuff I got over the past couple of months I've been away for. Nothing too exciting I guess.


muhootsaver said...

0_0 phew~ Nice looking stuff. I think you are THE person to talk to if anyone wants to talk about Mai-(Z)hime goodies. I don't think I ever saw anyone collecting this series so seriously. I have yet to watch the previous OVA. So I guess I'll do that after my mid-term.

DiGiKerot said...

Whatever you do, have the good sense not to actually watch that My-ZHiME movie re-edit. I've not seen the Zwei one yet (but given the running time I'd imagine it's just the whole thing minus the EDs), but with the TV movie they weren't even sensible enough to just to remix all the action scenes in 5.1. Instead, it's just completely random and incoherent ^^;

R8 said...

@ muhootsaver: well, I do admit that I have a lot of My-HiME/Otome stuff, I still don't have all of 'em, heh, too impossible if you don't live in JPN. I mainly collect stuff that Hisayuki took part in, no matter how little. But yeah, I'm quite serious when collecting this ^^.
You won't need to check out Zwei if that's what you mean by "previous OVA" cuz you just need to have watched My-Otome to get most references and where this prequel will go. Anyways, good luck on your mid-term.

@ digi: ....sadly, i did already. well, i skimmed thru it just to check out the action scenes in 5.1. however, like you said, the 5.1 wasn't used on the so-called action but just random stuff and mostly in a handful of dialogue scenes where the character is speaking off screen :(. They didn't even leave much action scenes intact. There was like maybe 6 mins. of action scenes that they kept from the entire It's definitely a crapper compilation movie.
I checked out Zwei movie, it's pretty much the same. They took out the fanservice bath scene and instead added the new ending w/ Ribbon and the meister Otome, which you already know of course. I dug the new epilogue cuz Natsuki was awesome in it ^^. Though I also enjoyed the fanservice scene from the original unlike some ppl.

Fisherman Horizon said...

I'm glad mai otome is back. Rena kicks. though dont really like the jade robe. I prefer the blue one... the sapphire one.

now I wonder if Sifr would be the queen as rena became her meister. then that would mean she's the mother of N*n*?????

R8 said...

@ FH: well it's been long assumed that sifr is Nina's mom before the OVA came out.
as for lena's robe, i actually liked the lcj robe. i guess it's only cuz it's the first time i get to see it animated and in action compared to still pictures from the novel.