Monday, May 28, 2007

April Orders makes Me/May poorer

WARNING! this post is not safe for work.

Once again, after 3 months, another orgy arrives. I got the AJ order on Fri. but was too lazy to post. Anywho, I doubt I'll have much when August comes around, which is when the last and final volume of My:ZHiME Zwei is released. Also been starting to cut down on anime. Reason be, i've been saving to buy more cool useless car accessories (ie. shift knob, steering wheel, more lights and maybe a tach) and i'm probably getting a house w/ my girlfriend. One can only go so far w/ roomies.

So, stuff for this orgy is mostly the same old stuff you'd expect from me. The Hisayuki stuff contains My~ZHiME Zwei vol.3 Limited Edition, My-ZHiME Saga Ayane Hijyo Hen Novel and the Queen's Blade Anthology Comic. Also included is the Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex Ultimate Archives book, Vampire Graphic File artbook, and Happobi jin's Sweet Body artbook. I included some US stuff cuz I just got them last week. As you can see, I got Odin Sphere (been a while since i got an Eng. game) and Afro Samurai Director's Cut. Most pics are shitty quality as i forgot to adjust the focus, thus, the pics are smaller than the size i usually set them to.

I already made comments on Zwei 3 content, but i'll present some pics of the content. Included is two pages of the very thin booklet, you can see 'Yuna' & the 'Guard Keeper'. I also included the swimsuit page that is on the website. On the bottom right, they show Arika's puberty development ^^. As for the Blue Sky Sapphire Arika fig. Man, i couldn't figure (pun not intended) out how to stand her up w/ the poles and base orz. Thus, i'm leaving her in the box, but not before taking a pic ;). I'm sure Digi will have a blast w/ this one ^^, or will prolly also leave it in the box.

The second Ayane novel, isn't anything special really. There's less art in this novel compared to Kourin. The new art by Tachibana Seven can be found here. While the Hisayuki Ayane Meister coloured robe can be found here. It's much better to link scans than my crappy photos :P. There's another Hisayuki newly designec character named Sheena. I got lazy and didn't take a pic, but i will provide this one spoilerific pic from the novel.

The Queen's Blade Anthology comic isn't anything special, it's just like other comic anthologies where you got a bunch of artists drawing random comics of the charas. You do have a couple of the QB artists contributing lif F.S. All the comics are pretty ecchi stuff but never too explicit (all nips are covered). Like I said, i mainly got this book solely for the Hisayuki Reina and Lena cover ^_^;;. Here's a F.S. sample:

Familiar readers know that i'm a huge Capcom/Fighting game/Kinu Nishimura fan. Though Kinu never contributed much art to the Vampire/Darkstalkers series, that cover grabbed instantly when I first saw it months ago. Of all the past (& present) Capcom artists, she is tied for first as my fave. And who is the other Capcom artist that I hold in very high regards? Bengus (aka CRMK) obviously . I love his stuff and varied styles. Most of the artwork is done by him and Ikeno. The Vampire Graphic File contains a lot of art from the Vampire series, too bad it doesn't contain all of 'em. Every character has their own section that showcases the chara's artwork, game sketches, their moves, in game art, endings, early design sketches (most are waayy weird and different). There's a chronological timeline and a section for many Vampie/Darkstalkers paraphenilia. The book is almost 150 pages. The paper quality is decent but not as thick as a 'bristol board' kind. Here's some samples:

They also added the UDON Darkstalkers comic covers.

Too bad this isn't anything special for me as I own the comics. The Darkstalkers vol.1 TPB also contains all of the above artwork in a bigger and better quality. The Vampire Graphic File doesn't even have the Darkstalkers TPB cover drawn by Shinkiro. Thus, I present it to you as I got it 2 years ago. If you're a fan, u must get this.

Once again, longtime readers know how much i love the GitS SAC series, and how much I love GitS SAC Kusanagi Motoko's design. Thus, it was a no brainer for me to get what could be the final GitS SAC guide/art book. The GitS SAC Ultimate Archives book is 1/4 artbook and 3/4 guide book. The paper quality is shit for the price you pay (3333 yen). It feels like shonen jump/telephone book paper. reinforcing that, is almost all the pages are black and white. Keep this in mind, that his book isn't released by Hobby Japan, which explains the difference in quality. The book is just over 200 pages and contains just about the same general info found from Hobby Japan's 3 GitS SAC books (2 of which i already covered). It contains the same old summaries (but w/ a few more details), production artwork (much less from the HJ books), pages of GitS swag and another interview w/ Kamiyama. What's good is that it compiles both seasons and the movie. I mainly got this book hoping to get a ton of promo art and clean versions of the DVD art, sadly i didn't get either. Well,i'm lying. There is a few promo art, but there's so little. What you do get is nice. Aside from that is the several pages of sketches taken directly from scenes in the anime. There's only around 4 pages for each series/movie. I wish there were more as they looked really cool. In the end, this book isn't really worth the money if you have the HJ books as there isn't much new to offer and the artwork is sparse. Then again, if you got all 3 HJ GitS SAC books, it prolly means you're a diehard GitS SAC fan like me and would buy this book regardless of it's expensive & shitty quality. Here's some samples:

I've been a longtime fan of Happobi jin works (my 2nd fave after Sano Toshihide). So imagine my hype when i found out that there was going to be an artbook featuring a ton of his past and new works. The Boin Best Selection artbook may be considered his first artbook, but I personally don't consider it. As awesome as that artbook is, it mostly featured CG art from the game. Though it did have a ton of promo art, guest art, cool design sketches and a nosebleeding poster, it's still just Boin (not a bad thing and i hope they do the same thing w/ Resort Boin).

The Sweet Body artbook kills Boin Selection w/ 127 pages of pure nosebleeding art. Yup, pure art and almost zero text. The book is split up into 3 sections. There's the original works which contains the bulk of the artworks. In this section, you mainly get artworks that Happo's done for Men's Young magazine as well as Mega Store. A bunch of promo art, artwork from his website and his doujin covers. The next section is Game works. Don't get too excited as it's mostly his old stuff from the '03 and '04. There's ZERO Boin & Resort Boin art here (or anywhere in this artbook). The art here isn't explicit but awesome nonetheless. The last section is the Other works which contains miscellaneous art like the Melty Blood pic. The paper quality of this artbook is high unlike GitS UA and VGF, as it's glossy and thick. This book is probably the highlight of the orgy.

NSFW samples:


Zanza said...

ooooo, that girl in the first pic is a cutie

damn, shouldn't visit your blog anymore, now i want that GiTS book -_-;;;

Danny Choo said...

I have the same Happo book ^^;

R8 said...

@ zanza: tempting isn't it? well, it's not as great as the previous ones i covered IMO. you probably shouldn't visit any more anime-related sites as it might pull you back in. hope your sale's going well and looking forward to your future games, brd, hd-dvd and tech purchases.

@ danny choo: it's a lovely book isn't it? ;). the title sounds funny too. "i got happo's sweet body".....*ppl give disturbing look*

DiGiKerot said...

Yup, I have no sodding idea how to stand that figure up either ^^;

Anonymous said...

I need that book now!

R8 said...

@ digi: i finally found a way to put her up ^^.

@ anonym: umm...which one?

Somber said...

That's a nice haul there. The artbooks look really good. I Don't think I will leave the Happobi book lying around if I ever bought it.