Sunday, May 20, 2007

Gaming Frontier 05/20/07

another post (my true) to be made later. just some fighting games i wanted to note as well as others cuz y'all know i'm a hardcore fighter and massive game guru.

first, the negima wii fighting game site updated again w/ a few more screenshots and a some promo junk items for the fans.

Jeux-France updated on a lot of old games announced before:

More Hitman Reborn DS shots. This shonen manga/anime based fighting game looks pretty meh to me. seems like another crappy Jump SS fanservice game. though i'm sure fans will enjoy. V-Jump also reveals a PS2/Wii version which also looks pretty meh.

Though, i'm super excited for Dissidia being a fighting game, i can't help loathe Nomura's redrawn GAY designs for the FFIX charas. JF updated their page today w/ a new V-Jump scan which contains a couple of new screenshots.

The One Piece Gear Spirit game that was announced about a week ago has finally opened it's official site. JF updates w/ the VJump scans. I'm excited about this game simply cuz it's One Piece and has the word Gear in the title :P. Otherwise, this game looks super shitty and probably another crap game like Naruto Shinobi Retsuden.

Speaking of Naruto, V-Jump scans of the continuing action side-scroller Shippuden 5.

Some more Shonen anime game news is that the official Bleach Heat the Soul 4 site finally updated again as the game is to be released this week. The official confirmation of the much predicted arrancar Luppi is revealed. Wonderwice is the new partner chara revealed.

Crisis Core V-Jump scans. Some new screenshots, but not much else new. The theme song Why sounds really shitty from that small clip. Don't think i want the SE for this crap ass single.

The biggest news for me was the announcement of DBZ Sparking! Meteor for both Wii and PS2. JF indicates that it's different teams working on the game for each platform. As you can see from the scans, you'll see King Vegeta, King Cold and Nails. These are shitty characters who hardly fought in the manga (KV wasn't even in the manga). So it'll be interesting to see what moves the make up for King Cold and King Vegeta (aside from that ball blast in movie 8). Nails at least fought in manga & moreso in the anime, but his moves were still pretty uninteresting. Anyways, this game is just an expansion that will sell a boatloads to fans of Toriyama and DBZ. Thus, i'm one of the victims ^^;;.

Though it's old news from 3 days ago, i felt like adding links to Fate/Tiger Colosseum cuz i'm in a fighting game rush. Gamespot JPN and Dengeki links are some of the many ones. Rider is still so hot in her cutesy form, due to the fact we don't see her eyes XP.

so adowable

Lastly, just wanna mention that Ikkitousen Shining Dragon official site finally updated 2 days ago. As you can see, there's a LE and RE. The LE contains a sweet box drawn by the manga's author Yuji Shiozaki (great artist but can't draw fight scenes fluidly for his life...i think i mentioned that before). Anyways, game looks like crap but i'm eager to get, being a perverted fanboy of the manga and recent anime. Yesh, Kanu Yesh. And Chousen, U're looking super hawt...luv. Yay for ripped clothes :P o_0

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johnny said...

You seen that new DS 2D fighter, Custom Beat Battle Draglade? Came out last week w/Ouendan 2 so kinda got overshadowed but I got it a few days a go and it's pretty cool. Has some RPG elements and the main gimmick is the Beat Point system where you can perform combos by following a rhythm action style mini game.

R8 said...

yeah, saw the game months ago, didn't interest me really BECAUSE of the rhythm action style (and the meh charas). most of the shit reviews it got didn't help either. i'll probably download it to give it a whirl when i have the time. not worth my money.