Wednesday, May 23, 2007

3rd Zwei's the Charm

Most ppl wouldn't think so. There's already been bitching, moaning, whining, cursing about the serie's pace and especially the fanservicey beginning. Y'know what, whatev, these ppl just don't appreciate what ZHiME really was. Like I mentioned before, the OVAs are fanserivce (this time x10) and if they wanted to tell a more serious story, they would've made a longer series out of it. It's a mix of genres and all the OVA episodes have delivered on that by combining those genres into each and every episode. While this doesn't sound good for the gay serious ppl, then i say too bad. While, ep.3 begins w/ yummy fanservice fluff, 3/4 of the episode progresses the story a bit more and shows hints at the possible links w/ My-HiME (ie. fuuka gakuen, nagi library & book, kagutsuchi sword). As for the presentation of the show. Pretty much the same if you've read my previous comments about the first 2. Slightly better animation this time than the previous OVAs though. You can tell in the fanservice scenes and the action scenes. Music...nothing new again except for the ED song (which sucks BTW). The fight scenes in this episode is the best so far since it's solely one on one. Though the fight w/ Nao is short, it's still much longer than the other ones and there's more attacks. She puts up more a fight than all the previous stoned characters that we saw. This fight brings potential for a awesome end fight, but U just know that Sunrise won't deliver on that front and will have everyone gang up. I seriously need some Natsuki, Mai and Midori action here. It also sux cuz they weren't involved in the boobie scene. I guess it's safer to ruin the image of minor secondary characters ^^. I would've like a Ahn bearing it all, as she was my fave in that group (damn arika's hands), but Rosalie will have to do (2nd of the group). The above previews shots show some promise w/ Natsuki getting her ass kicked by fake Fumi (yay, only cuz she might get some action) and Mai fighting (another yay). But like all the previous episode previews, they don't mean jack shit and mostly likely will not be making it in for the last episode. Expect action, friendship, boobies (at least a bounce) and silliness to ensue in the last and final episode. The solicitation was posted almost a week ago (in which i first posted at the suki board). It won't be any longer like many hoped it would be, unless they change it later. Anyways, expect to see my ZHiME/Hisayuki orgy soon as well as some of the other stuff i decided to pick up.

Original Post:
Well, looks like Sunrise has heard my bitching about some recent OVAs nowadays and finally given
乙HiME fans the TRUE and ULTIMATE FANSERVICE. ando from the suki forum has posted some caps of some glorious boobies w/ full nips intact (as well as Nao materializing). i haven't seen the episode yet but expect me to go ranting on this episode w/ my thoughts & impressions tomorrow. My AJ order that includes this just shipped, so if i'm lucky i should be getting the DVD on Fri, if not earlier.

so here's the NSFW 舞‐乙HiME Zwei nipples fanservice shot & here's the SFW Nao materializing scene.

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Fisherman Horizon said...

I agreed that there shouldn't be so much grunts here and there. However, I would prefer it to be made as separate scene such as an extra. Nevertheless, I wonder how they would conclude the shadow arc in the last OVA. Too many plots too little OVA. Seems like it will rush like mai otome TVCM