Thursday, November 23, 2006

A Voyage to Conquer Battle Festival

tired and stressed. hope fellow americans are having a good turkey day. anyways, here's some quick pics of the latest stuff i got. i actually got this on monday but since i posted pics of the wii, i decided to hold off on these purchases till now. So, the pack includes My-ZHiME Butoh Shi LE (as usual, only reason i'm posting a JPN PS2 or PSP game is cuz it's HiME related), Fullmetal Alchemist Movie LE and Tenamonya Voyagers (cuz i wanted some mindless fanservice...and it was cheap). If ya want to check out more pics of the Otome PS2 LE, moy's got ya covered ;).

oh yes, the superb LE and the disappointing Otome Album which i had hoped there would be more original art (sadly no)

i also want to note that the PS3 isn't very hard to find as places have been getting their second shipment already. I went to a Microplay that i hardly frequent and they got in 5 PS3s today (3 60 GB and 2 20 GB). I could've easily bought one if i wanted to. those who still want a wii, expect a shipment today, tomorrow or saturday.

finally, i watched the My-ZHiME OVA and it's FRIGGIN' AWWWEEESOOME! great production values (though art wasn't all too different from the TV show and could've used some improvements in certain scenes i noticed). Anyways, amazing fanservice for me, the biggest natsuki fan (HHAWWWT, the tv series didn't show her in that bathing suit long enough). Action was superb and i'm reminded of Evangelion (though you can never top Unit 00's toss), Macross, Gundam (no brainer here) and Dragon Ball Z all at once. Arika's surely developed over the past year as she's got more bounce now (heehee...i feel dirty now). she's also mastered mommy's bolt from the blue sky from the ps2 game (it's an exact rip one could ALMOST say but w/ arika's brunette hair, and the bouncing boobs for this move are intact as well ^^). So yeah, I just loved it. Can't wait to get the DVD and listen to it in full 5.1 on my system. However, i think AJ fucked up my order as they gave me a waybill # and i can't track it. it's an old # too cuz it says it was delivered to some guy in the States back in Oct.2005 o_O. A possible reason for this is cuz my order # is REALLY OLD (it's over a year which i've done a lot adding and cancelling of items :P). I emailed AJ and hopefully they'll sort it out or i'll be filled w/ RAGE.

and a reminder that TBS has got some new HiME/ZHiME art up...Nao looks amazing!!! ;)

november 25 edit: made a short appearance at AoD today cuz I heard that they switched forums. i just took a look at it and some ppl may have noticed me online ^^. it looks sorta confusing but much improved. oh well, i won't be experiencing it much. cool to have the post #s again (though i noticed i've fallen greatly :P LOL). custom titles seems to be gone now for some reason. oh well, i'll be forever known as lord of hime/zhimes :-D.


Fisherman Horizon said...

yeah, nice to see Mai otome zwei. It would be good to have character chibi keychain instead of mikoto cat in robe...

So what happen with the AJ order. What did you order? I think you are talking about the zwei DVD and then you mentioned Oct.2005??? Got lost there.

DiGiKerot said...

Yeah, the ZHiME ZWEI animation was a little spotty in quality - the action scenes looked pretty cool, but otherwise it was a bit jerky in places.

I got the PS2 game LE last weekend. Errr, the posters are nice ^^;

R8 said...

@ fh: yeah, the phonestrap doesn't matter to me what it is as i don't use anime collector's item for phone straps (or any at all since that's a girl's thing in my view). As for the AJ order, everything is fine now. i didn't know that there was a holiday in JPN. I'm just saying the tracking # they gave me was an old one and i checked w/ dhl in the States (since all my packages go thru US first) and it said it was delivered in 2005. But all's good now. i should be getting it on Monday.

@ digi: yeah, the animation for the action scenes were good but art and everything else was same old same old (or a bit worse). yeah, only +'ve thing about the game art and Lena's anime sequences ^^ (hawt).

WRex said...

Guys use phone straps in Japan... mine is quite cute. And the extra with the Mai Otome Zwei DVD is not a strap, but just a tiny Mikoto figurine.

And yeah, Nov. 23rd was a Japanese holiday (Labor Day)... which coincided with Thanksgiving.

R8 said...

@ wrex: yeah, i was actually talking about the mikoto fig/strap included w/ the PS2 game @FH :P. I thought he was talking about that instead of the mikoto fig w/ the dvd (which i already knew was a fig ;)) since i didn't get it yet at the time.
yeah, i know it's normal for guys in JPN, HK and Asia in general to use phone straps. Not so much in the west, you'd be sorta made fun of (well, i'd be w/ my buds ^^). All my asian girl friends use 'em (my g/f too) but hardly any of asian guy friends. meh, it's a culture thing and i personally find'em a nuisance when i'm using my g/f's phone ^^.

johnny said...

Re: your Nov 25th AoD related update - if you send Chris a PM he'll get your custom title sorted out for you.
I'm getting closer and closer to mine. Just 1300 or so to go :P

I know you're probably sick of hearing people say this but you should drop in every now and again. The gaming forum is really cool now that it's up and running and has a bit of organisation to it.

R8 said...

@ johnny: haha, naw, it doesn't matter, everyone there KNOWS (or should know) that there's no greater HiME/ZHiME/Hisayuki Hirokazu fan than me over @ AoD. I don't plan on visiting the AoD forums that much, let alone posting, so it doesn't matter if my title is there. Plus, if i was there, i'd be taking my job back from you cuz i noticed you're still slightly slower at posting news LOL ^^.

johnny said...

Haha naw, I stopped posting as much now that I'm back working.
Besides, most of the people there don't give a damn about the latest news stuff so it's not really worth my effort or time.

R8 said...

@ johnny: heh, that's sad, guess they're not Hardcore enough like you and i ^^.

johnny said...

Haha, not even close dude, not even close.
But nah, there are some great guys and gals on there. Most people want to talk RPG's which is fine (and to be expected on an anime board) but I'm not all that hardcore into the genre (although obviously I do love all the big hitters like DQ and FF etc).