Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Elves say "Wii're Here!"

Well, nothin' much happening. Still waiting on some orders. Purchased Victorious Boxers 2 - Fighting Spirit (AKA Hajime no Ippo All Stars) today, though it's been out JPN for a long time and about a month old in EU. It's been a long time since I played it and it is damn fun. This game doesn't have HnI 2 Victorious Road's mega in-depth Boxer's Road mode where you can train and build up your created boxer from scratch and start a career to be number 1. It's quite awesome really. Plus, it only cost me 10 bucks CDN (@ EB) and is damn steal cuz the States are selling it for 10 bucks as well. If you look at some other CDN retailers, it ranges from 16-20 bucks.

Anyways, the main purpose of post is cuz I got my confirmation call today. My EBgames has my Wii RIGHT NOW alongside Zelda TP!! No TC:SO they say, maybe Monday (the fuck? as ppl in the States already have 'em). Meh, i also ordered TC:SO online cuz it was 15 bucks cheaper than the price EB is selling it for (59.99 compared to 44.99). So the plan was to get TC:SO right away, wait for the online order and return it to EB :P. Thus, I"M HYPED!!! and so want to break into the store and claim my Wii!!! To celebrate this, i'm gonna have some Elvish fanservice from today to Sunday. Link is for the girls (if there is any...highly doubt...though u gotta admit...he IS one sexy elf).

Just want to mention that Black Lagoon vol.6 JPN tank finally comes out tomorrow. I'll have to wait 3-4 months for the HK version ;_;. If you're collecting BL manga, be sure to check out Dec.'s Sunday GX w/ Roberta on cover...awesome.

Oh yeah, that other system called the PS3 streets tomorrow. So hopefully those who wanted to get one tomorrow do indeed get one. My CDN friends, we're only getting 40K of the 300-400k of PS3s (which is, of course, headed for the US). Not in da mood for news in general, keepin' it short and sweet.

Gotta start off w/ the stars of the show
the 'Wii Version' ;)

So is she a lefty or righty (this is not a mirrored image)? Latest Famitsu scans points to what is Right, and past games have reinforced that ;)

Hawt damn! If only Zelda would turn to the dark side XD.


johnny said...

Yep, Wii fever has hit. I just confirmed my JPN Wii preorder with Playasia (US$400) and a few launch games so I'm getting one at launch for sure :)

As for the US Wii, apparently some Canadian online stores are shipping them early. I've preordered at Import Madness and a few guys on another forum who ordered after me (they only ordered this month) have been told they will definitely be getting a launch Wii and it's likely to be shipped next Thursday. Since I've had my preorder for a month or so before that, I hope mine ships on Monday. TBH though I could wait an extra day or two if I know I'm guaranteed one.
VG+ did ship me Trauma Centre, Red Steel and GT Pro Series yesterday though :D

Oh yeah and make sure to check my LJ later today or tomorrow...

R8 said...

good job in securing one. wish i had the money to get a JPN Wii for Bleach next month, but i'm simply not thtat rich hahaha. Mods will have to do for me. But yeah, definitely can't wait, and just knowing that it's there is killing me. i'll probably spend most of Sun. playing Wii Sports w/ some friends i've invited and get around to playing the other games much later cuz i got many papers to finish ;_; X(.

johnny said...

That's cool you have one just waiting for you, although I'd imagine that makes the suspense all the worse :P
Just found out that I'm gonna be getting a US Wii from the first shipment that Import Madness get for sure which is obviously great news.
Can't wait but with all the launch titles I'm getting I really don't know where to start? I'd imagine I'll play a lot of Wii Sports until I get to gripis with the remote and look like less of an idiot swinging it about.
But after that? Who knows. Maybe jump straight into Zelda or Red Steel...