Friday, November 17, 2006

PS3 day? no! NEW James Bond day!

yeah, fuckin' right! it looks stupid IMO and Daniel Craig seems more like a bad guy than anything else (though the movie is getting awesome reviews, i'll probably rent it or be forced into watching cuz my g/f sorta wants to). anyways, a quickie post since i don't usually update on weekends (cuz i have shite to do...glug glug ^^). So here's some quick shit aside from robbings of gunmen and beatings of ppl lining up for the PS3 in the States o_O and ppl smashing the PS3 for fun ^_^. In Canada, nothing much, ppl arguing and paying the homeless to line up for them ;).

Shinjuku no Okami/Shinjuku Wolf official site up

Devil May Cry 4 updates w/ new movie
Impress covers Bleach Wii - nothing special or new really
Heroes of Mana scans

as you can see already, today's elf theme is Deedlit (also my main reason for posting). So here's another one w/ the last one being at bit more 18+ rated (been a while since i did one):

Deedlit for the 18+ ;)


muhootsaver said...

0_0;;;why the heck would you...!! my friend lined up for 2 days for that thing!!! Gah!! I hope they stick with just one console and release more games rather than keep making more consoles... After getting PSP, I realized how only few games are imported to US when there are thousands of titles out there in Japan. Neways, nice elf pics. You know when we click the link to see the picture, it'll be 18+ anyways, thnx to those porn ads right? ^^

Fisherman Horizon said...

Craig as Bond is a disaster although many people gave good rating. I shun off the movie just looking at Craig, he doesnt look "bond" enough to be "Bond".

R8 said...

@ muhootsaver: yeah, i don't know, ppl are just stupid. actually many 'places' to these 'QA' tests kind of things. As for the PSP, there's no fret as the system is region free, same as all Nintendo handhelds and the PS3 (only for PS3 games though). So, u can always import if ya got the moolah. For the pics, yeah, i know, that's the point. to hit you w/ more 18+ pics (even though unwanted :P LOL) and cuz i like using fapomatic for porn pics :D.

@ FH: yeah, he just doesn't suit the Bond vibe from the exterior. i probably will end up seeing it but yeah i agree. can't wait for Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny...looks HEELArious.