Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Current Status: in a Lite Crisis

So yeah, I finally got my DS lite that I mentioned oh so many moons ago.

Now, I can finally play the few DS games I actually bought beforehand. Not only that, this DS lite is special. It's modded so I can play every single DS game. So yeah, I'll be playing ASH, DQ IV, etc in very short time. Currently replaying Gyakuten Saiban 3 (or PW Trials & Tribulation as once again the Eng version is included) as I've played it on the GBA years ago. It was also a deal, got the brand new DS lite + the mod = 160 bucks Canadian ^^. As you can see, I got Crisis Core FF VII for the PSP as well. I'm sure I mentioned that I'm somewhat of a FFVII fan, so it was no surprised that I imported this like i did w/ Dirge (what a waste, but the CG movies were nice). If there were added FFVIII and FFVI games (not remakes) you can count on me buying regardless of quality as they're my faves. FFVII ranks third in my FF list (IV is fourth if ppl are wondering).

Next post will be one of the items I didn't show in my "Summer treats" post. It will coincide w/ something special this week. Though it 'just' came out in JPN.


Anonymous said...

Sweet Haul R8..you got yourself some nice goodies there. Oh yeah, that picture @ the top...Hawt.

Anonymous said...

the ds lite and all ds games have always been region-free... what's this mod you're talking about?

Anonymous said...

dude... all DS's are region free