Thursday, June 14, 2007

Days of Busy

Been busy as of late, hence the lack of updates. Work, house looking has sort of taking it's toll on me. My computer also crashed, so i lost some files in the progress >_>. Haven't watched any anime since zwei 3, though i've been getting some gaming backlog done. Recent games i finished include Odin Sphere (prolly make a post on that), Shining Wind, Bleach HtS 4, Samurai Champloo and Bully. I recently acquired God of War 2 for only 15 bucks CDN. Don't know when I'll start that as I'm not a huge GoW fan (and was gonna wait to get it when it turns Greatest Hits). Aside from my fighting games, game i've been playing most is Crush. If you got a PSP and even remotely like puzzle games, you must get. Screw that, if you have a psp you should just get this game even if you don't like puzzle games. And of course, I also got Days of Memories today, even though i said i wasn't going to. Since i don't have a DS, i've been playing it on my friend's. Can't say i know perfectly what's going on, but the art is good and all the chicks are yummy as expected. Also, yay for cleaner and non-separated pic above (for those who'd forgotten, i posted that pic before).

Recent game news that made headlines this week that interested me were: Soul Calibur 4 teaser (my Ivy's looking good, though, it took me awhile to get used to her in SC3, i hope they change her back due to many complaints); Soul Calibur Legends info (i'm a sucker for SC related stuff and Ivy playable? Sign me up any day); Tekken 5 DR online.....SICK (still, i can't be excited when lag happens...thus, arcades are still where the true and hardcore compete); Ace Combat 6 (looks fucking amazing, though i've only played AC 3 JPN cuz of the anime scenes); Hayashi's interview makes me wonder if all members of Team Ninja are arrogant idiots; KOF MI RA updates w/ 2 more movies (#5 & 6....still meh)

I've been lazy w/ Famitsu scores too, only ones that interested me this week was Ippo Revolution (25) and the much delayed Simoun (19). Both scored shitty. Meh, might still get Simoun as i enjoyed it's yuri-ness and art.

Best anime news i read about a week ago was obviously Rosario + Vampire being adapted to anime. Ppl who've known me knew I've been collecting/reading this manga for 2 -3 years now. I've already mentioned before on this blog that I've been waiting for it to be animated. Thus, another one of the many mangas that i read gets the green light and a bandwagon will soon follow. I feel so cool and superior again :P.

So that's the update for now. Who's gonna watch Fantastic 4: Rise of T-1000 tomorrow? Despite the shitty reviews, i'm just looking for some good Alba fanservice like the 1st one ;).

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