Saturday, May 31, 2008

Breast of the Breasts

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Somewhat of a busty post to end the month. Things have been settling down with me. The big day has been set for middle of August. So I can rest a bit easy until then. Anyways, just wanted to show a pic of some shit I got a couple of weeks ago that I mentioned about. Mangas are somewhat 'new' since they're HK editions and not JPN tanks (which come out a month before HK volumes), except for TenTen. HK TenTen comes out 2-4 months after JPN releases.

It's the usual stuff that I've been collecting Bleach HTS 5 + Blanket (PSP), Bleach 32 (HK), Naruto 41 (HK) and Tenjo Tenge 18 (HK).
Only thing that's out of my usual stuff is Dragon Fly vol.1 by Shigeki Maeshima. It's essentially a compilation of the Dragonfly comics in Range Murata's Robot series. So, the paper quality is nice, the art is large and coloured. Sweet deal IMO. I only bought Robot vol.1, so it was nice to see where the story was heading. Actually, I have no idea where the story is heading cuz there's so many characters and it jumps from different time periods to time periods in a weird order :P. Definitely recommend it for the art as Maeshima is awesome. Looking forward to the 5 Killers. Da 'Bomb'!

Yeah, the overwhelming boobs in this post might be kinda off-putting, but then my blog has always centered around that. Summer shows I'm excited for (but probably won't follow) Ikkitousen Great Guardians (preordered Eloquent Fist sad) and Sekirei. This isn't too much of a surprise I guess as I've been a longtime fan of both series in manga form. Oh yesh Tsukiumi oh yesh...can't wait for your turn in Megami.

I wanna check out Blade of the Immortal too, having read that years ago. Speaking of new anime, saw this this morning when the HiME site updated. A new "My/Mai" series?....oh wallet...^^

Think it's called Mao/My-ou according to my crappy University JPN skills

As for games, aside from the recently acquired HTS5, haven't been playing much. Got back in to 3S and just started Mugen no Frontier SRT OG Saga a couple of days ago. Also, finally continuing Ar Tonelico 2 that I stopped back in Oct/Nov.

Haven't picked up a a next gen console yet as I've been planning financially for the future, but I'm sure I'll pick up a PS3 soon as MGS4 comes out next month and I want to get a bundle w/ DS3 instead of a system w/ the 6Axis.

So yeah, guess you're caught up on what little is remaining of my so-called geeky otaku life. Peace.

P.S. Since y'all know I'm a huge Sano Toshihide and Happoubi Jin fan, HCGs for Majodou and Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo are awesome as expected. Go get'em ;)

mmm...more bouncy


Senbonzakura said...

What does the Bleach towel look like?

muhootsaver said...

jesus 0_0 and I was wondering why the heck I was getting the adult content warning! Anyways, congrats. August eh? Hope everything goes swell! ^^

Johnny said...

Hey man, just been asked by a friend based in Hong Kong who gets me my Japanese/Asian imports to let other know of his service. He gets stuff for less than Playasia prices (£22 for Initial D PS3, £22 for Ninja Gaiden 2, £27 for Battle Fantasia PS3) and am pretty sure he can get anime/manga/toys etc for a good deal cheaper than online retailers.
So if you want his contact details I can pass them on and if you wouldn't mind just mentioning it to any buddies you have who import. Thanks man :)