Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hot Wheels

Nothing much. Got a few items this past week. Not a whole lot worth mentioning about IMO.

Items are Persona 3 Fes US version (can't wait for P4 in a couple of months...OBVIOUSLY), Ryu Final vol.2 (Eng.) and of course Mario Kart Wii. Once I get the online setup for it, add my friend code (when I post it). Hopefully, I'll see you online ;). Peace.

Wii Friend Code for Mario Kart: 3093-7487-6363 - Armalite_8


DiGiKerot said...

Mario Kart (which has been out over here a few weeks already) really, really pissed me with it's overly frequent Blue Shells. I really wish they'd implemented some way to switch some of those weapons off when playing multiplayer.

R8 said...

I KNOW!!! damn return of the blue shells. it really does piss me off too. i guess that's why i try to stay 2nd place. the game is good, but it's definitely not the best. what's your friend code? I just added it on this post today!

Anonymous said...

Nice stuff R8 I REALLY wanted to get this when it was released Sunday. However, I decided to wait since I figured it would be neglected due GTA IV.

So I'll probably get this sometime this weekend. So I'll definitely be posting my friend code so we can get our race on!

Oh yeah that last pic is nose-bleed-deriffic!!

ryoten said...

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Please come to see at any time.
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Johnny said...

Hey man, how's things? It's been a while! Added you on Mario Kart, my code is 3823-8735-9722

Also got round to updating my Livejournal with my haul for the last couple months :)