Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sexual Healing

Wii game of this week is Trauma Center New Blood. Can't believe that it's just been a little over a year since I got my Wii & Trauma Center Second Opinion on launch date. Perfect timing to get back to my surgical skills. I'll get back to focusing on my fall orgy in the next post as I need to "let the rhythm guide my soul"...WTF? ^^.
Anyways, just want to wish any American readers a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow and hope you score some sweet deals on Black Friday.


Ariel said...

mmm... make a review about this game!

R8 said...

hey ariel, welcome to the blog. i've been busy lately w/ work. having been working overtime, and will be until Christmas. thus, i won't have time for a dedicated post for TCNB. All i can say is that if you dug the first game, you'll definitely enjoy New Blood. It's more or less the same game w/ a few additions. nothing mind blowing or recreating. If you dug the over the top (but good) drama w/ TC1, you'll dig NB's story as well. What really makes this game is 2 player co-op. This feature totally makes it worth getting as is amazingly fun. So, if you got a buddy, definitely hit it up.