Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Big 2

Well today marks 2 years that I've kept this blog running. Don't know how much longer it'll be since I have been moving on w/ the motions in life (finishing school, getting a full time job, getting engaged, a house is on the way). I hardly watch anime now or follow any anime news, w/ the exception of the 舞-series and Hisayuki related works). In the world of otaku geekdom, I mainly stick to a few mangas, artbooks, gaming news and gaming itself. So w/out further ado, some pics w/ some of my fave hotties like the traditional Pinder and Marsh. funny how much nude shots Pinder has done now after teasing for SO LONG. As for Marsh, she'll be an uber hot mommy in a couple of months. If you're a fan of the two hotties, then you would've gotten the June issue of Nuts and last month's Maxim(UK) mag ;).

and of course, since I'm the renowned HiME/ZHiME/Hisayuki fanboy, I present another piece of art that's been presented to me. From Otome 0~S.ifr~:

Oh yes, this has been preordered a while ago, along w/ the ZHiME/ZHiME Zwei DREAM☆BOX ;).


Zanza said...

omg, that was the best blog post ever XD

Fisherman Horizon said...

Congratulation on the 2nd anniversary. Hope we'll still see posts and Mai Him/Zhime stuff in near future.

P/S: Your blog reminds me of my blog anniversary coming up soon as well. :P

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the anniversary as well R8! Those pictures were Hawt!

R8 said...

Thanks fellows, the chicks ARE some of my all time fave babes (minus Tsukiumi of course).

@ FH: iirc, you posted a bunch of pics on your anni as well. looking forward to your year 2 post.

johnny said...

Yeah I kinda know where you're coming from dude. My manga buying/reading has all but stopped as I'm concentrating on anime more nowadays and I'm playing catchup with it a lot because I haven't been able to afford to buy what is released for the past year or so. Still buying/watching/loving, just at a slower rate than before.

Tried to cut back on gaming but that just ain't happening! ;)