Monday, April 30, 2007


...yourself to me"

Would you surrender every word, every thought every sound to Nekane? I WOULD! Anyways this is my 200th post, thus, i've filled it w/ some random pics (mostly from the recent Megami). So yeah, finally finished all exams last week. If one was wondering why i didn't update last week w/ famitsu news or anything in general, it's cuz of exams. 'sides, there wasn't any games worth mentioning that got reviewed. Dengeki PS DID review Shining Wind w/ a decent score. I'm obviously interested in Shining Wind due to T2's involvement like I was w/ Shining Tears. So w/ school finally over, i've been killing brain cells ;) and my liver has become the equivalent of an old man's ^^;. This year was also my final year, thus, it also means it's real-world-job hunting time \('o')/. though i do have something lined up already for now and will probably be moving cities and getting a place w/ my girlfriend in the coming months ^_^.

"Surrender to Ryomou? maybe. Surrender to Hakufu? gimme a sec. Surrender to Kanu? OH YEAH!!"

As for my hobbies, think they'll be slowly declining again in the coming months. I do have a sweet massive package lined up for May though. Haven't really watched any Spring anime. Been mostly watching my Shonen anime shows, even though i know what's gonna happen next, having read the manga ages ago.
Shippuden is gonna be sweet very soon w/ Team Gai's fight and Team Kakashi's little tussle w/ "Itachi". I'm not looking forward to Chiyo-baa's and Sakura's fight w/ Sasori as that fight made me lose interest in the manga and it took me forever to get back into it.
Bleach has always been sick and Ichigo's 2nd fight w/ Hollow Ichigo is much anticipated. Though the manga storyline has become pretty meh, the fights are still exciting as ever and can't wait to see what happened to Ichigo after loss to Ulquiorra.
One Piece has just finished the AMAZING fight w/ Luffy and Lucci. Seeing Gear Third animated was super sick! CP9 is probably my fave arc now as so much was dedicated to my dear Robin-chwan.
As for 'non-shonen jump' anime, Ikkitousen DD has showed sweet fanservice + sick fights. Yesh Kanu Yesh, gimme more! I'll probably get that shitty ass looking game too. And that's all i've been following as time hasn't been kind.

As for games, stopped playing DJ MAX 2 for a week after raping 4B on hard and averaging 80-90% on all songs in 5B. I'm around lvl.50 iirc. I've actually been playing PS3 as my buddy lent me his. Thus, i raped the Ninja Gaiden Sigma demo mid last week and burned rubber w/ Gran Turismo HD. Rented VF5 to perfect my already decent skills. On a fighting game note, T6 scans showed up on the weekend, kick ass.Also bought a couple games (DW5 & X-MenL II) this past weekend as they were semi-cheap at EB.

"Surrender to Miho? Fer sure, lemme get ready"

Movies: checked out Hot Fuzz and The Invisible. Pretty meh but i can't wait for Spider-Man 3 this Fri. Going to the first matinee show and probably IMAX later. Wish i was in Japan to check it out on May 1st. damn u nihonjins :P.

Sports: only watching NHL and NBA. Nash, u ARE AMAZING. 23 assists = sick. Toronto, u suck, can't believe they got raped again. NHL, good shit that Rangers won as i hate the Sabres. Sharks, u better fucking win tomorrow night (or should i say tonight). Canucks, you guys suck horribly (that series against Dallas was one of the worst series i've seen), probably be eliminated and i laugh. Sens and Devils...don't wanna say anything as i don't wanna jinx.

"Surrender to Yukiho & Haruka? Prolly not, cuz then I'd have to surrender to the police"

3rd hint of my special future post is probably the easiest along w/ the 1st hint. Hmm...what do they have in common? Nice lips...good for....;) :

Lastly if you don't understand the title and the first sentence from this post, it's a line from a song. Been listening to Billy Talent's 2nd album a lot lately (Billy Talent II). I will also be going to their concert in July...sweet ^^.


Somber said...

Beautiful scans there. I want to watch Ikki Tousen but I still have not seen the first season. I finished exams not too long ago. Hope you did well on them.

R8 said...

I'm debating on getting Ikki DD R2s for the added rin sin fanservice :P, though i'll prolly get the eventual R1s to save me mucho money. as for exams, i think i did pretty good on most of 'em ^^.

johnny said...

Yo man, what's up?
Naruto and Bleach are awesome at the minute. I'm not watching that much fansubbed stuff either. Some stuff I'll just wait for the inevitable R1s and others I have no interest in. I'm down to just Naruto, Bleach, El Cazador de la Bruja (gotta love Beetrain) and of course Kamen Rider Den-O and Gekiranger.
Been meaning to check out iMAS Xenoglossia but the fansubs I d/l won't play so I'll either wait or find cheap boots or something. Same with Blue Dragon - just waiting for a fansubber even if I know the story from playing the game.

I'm kinda finsihed w/DJ Max 2 too. Still going back for some freestlye though.
Ninja Gaiden Sigma demo is fucking insane! Beat hard mode on my first play through which I was proud of as I'm pretty much a Ninja Gaiden virgin but I can't wait for the June JP release.
I've been hooked on Pokemon Diamond and Paper Mario lately. Nearly finished PM.

It's annoying that there's not much coming out at the minute for any consoles really. Some decent stuff this month like Forza 2, Bleach HtS 4, Ouendan 2, Tomb Raider Anniversary etc and then of course Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Trusty Bell etc in June but seems like the summer drought has started early this year. I guess DMC 4 sometime in Q4 will make up for it though...

R8 said...

@ johnny: yo! yeah, i'm mostly watching the fighting shows that i'm also reading. i just haven't been in the mood for the rest. i play dj max 2 at least once a week cuz i still need to unlock some stuff and thus, need the # of songs played cuz i suck at most of the challenges ^^;. As for Ninja Gaiden Sigma, yeah, fucking awesome. hard on first play? umm...u can't unlock hard until you beat the game once on default ;). anyways, hard was pretty easy for me too. Though IT IS just a demo (w/ most weapons given to ya already etc.). rachel was sorta fun too...actually, not really but nice eyecandy.
The month has been pretty stale for games. there's days that i want HtS 4 and days i don't. i'm prolly gonna pick it up next month as some funds going to an AJ order. Only upcoming games that i'm considering are Spider-Man 3, Odin Sphere and Shining Wind. Though, w/ my backlog of other RPGs (and action-adv games), i may not.

johnny said...

Aye, I meant I beat hard the first time I played that mode. Completed normal a dozen or so times first :P