Monday, December 11, 2006

Slightly Orgasmic

So yeah, Christmas shopping was frickin' crazy on the weekend as expected. I managed to get half of my shopping done. W/ exams over, i've had the time to enjoy life again, with the my usual outings. Been getting back at playing FFXII and Zelda. Also went to the arcades after a month long hiatus. I'm very rusty and lost some matches i should've been able to win in T5DR and KoF XI :(. Anyways, main purp of this post is the stuff i got a week or so ago, in which i mentioned in my last 2 posts. Consists of mangas and R1 DVDs that i've ordered several months ago. the DVDs as you can see consists of Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer Movie version (i decided to order this months ago after looking seeing my PSX version of the game and realized i only had the OVAS and movie on VHS a Masami Obari "classic" of fanservice borrowing heavily from his Fatal Fury movie). I finally finished two series w/ Kannaduki no Miko vol. 2 LE & vol.3 LE and GitS SAC vol.6 RE (didn't want the DTS disc cuz i knew this volume was light on action, 'cept the 1st 10 mins of ep.21). Then there's My-HiME 4 which i'm getting at a snail's pace (as y'all know i own the show on R2 already), cuz i've been waiting for each volume to go on sale (got this one for 10 bucks CDN brand new). Got Geobreeders and Kirameki Project vol.1 cuz i wanted some fanservice fun (and they were dirt cheap). One DVD that was suppose to come w/ this pack but didn't was the 2nd volume of Kirameki Project, as MB didn't ship out enuff and i'm put on hold for this lone DVD.

The mangas mostly include JPN tanks, which i don't buy that often but have started to cuz i can't find any places that sells the Hong Kong versions cheap (or at all). I've been reading a lot of scans & scanlations of mangas that are mostly unheard of to the eng. speaking manga community. These ones are just one of the first wave of mangas i've been reading and started to finally purchase. I'll have my little preview special of these mangas soon. Aside from Tenjo Tenge vol.15 HK version (which is obviously not new as i've been reading that for years before the anime), the "new" JPN mangas are Rappi Rangai vol.1 & 2 and the very awesome Until Death Do Us Part/Shi Ga Futari wo Wakatsu Made vol.1 & 2.

Before I go, Bleach Heat the Soul 4 official site went up today for the PSP. Some "main new" charas for this iteration. They are Ichigo (obviously), Shuuhei, Ikkaku and Yumchika. Grimmjaw is also shown!! sweet, anyways, check out the site for some vids so far. Can't wait to get this in May 2007! That's all the news i sorta want to make today as i'm lazy and this post is long enough as it is. I have another manga package coming in containing vol. 3 of Until Death Do Us Part and some old mangas i've been putting off till now. Otanoshimi ni!!

Dec. 12 9:20 AM edit
: HOLY SHEEAT!!! DRAGON QUEST IX:Hoshizora no Mamoribito/Defender of the Stars has been announced for the NINTENDO DS of all systems!!!!!! the DQ series has come back to Nintendo after two iterations on Sony's system. Like other publishers, this was a surprise as Famitsu mentioned a some news about DQ in the "This Week" column last week but most were expecting DQMJ or DQSMasked Queen news. This is another big blow to Sony since the DQ series is the greatest franchise ever in Japanese videogame history. Once again, the 3 great mainstays will be handling it (Yuji Horri, Akira Toriyama, Koichi Sugiyama) and Level-5 will once again develop (SWEETNESS). It will support 4-player Wifi and battle will be heavily action-oriented as it's an Action-RPG. The game will be released before the end of 2007 and everyone in JPN who doesn't own a DS by then, WILL ^^ (heh, that includes me though i'm not in JPN). As for the handheld wars, PSP never had a chance and this just sealed the deal. Media news can be found EVERYWHERE, including DQS Wii, w/ awesome shots of the 3 new characters announced last week, designed by Toriyama. me wuv goth hottie Setia ;). They also announced a "Graphic Card Design" arcade game for Summer 2007. Great Toriyama and Sugiyama are once again involved. Sadly i'm not too interested in this one. U can see the hero from DQ8 in one of the shots. The game is called Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road. Here's some of the links covering 'em: Game Watch, Dengeki Online, JF, etc. Here's the official site for DQIX and a TV Spot. Expect more news & media on gaming sites SE due to Jump Festa.


johnny said...

Jesus, HtS 4?! That'll be 4 games in 2 years or so! I'll still be buying it though :P

DQIX on DS was a HUGE surprise. Really pscyched but kinda lukewarm re: the action orientated approach. It'll suit the DS but I prefer my RPGs turn based. No biggie though, can't wait :)
Oh and I wouldn't count the PSP out yet. Remember FFVII Crisis Core...

That idol girl in the Kannazuki pic you posted is awesome. Loved her short time in the series. (that reminds me, I think I'll rewatch that soon)

Oh and yeah, Setia (thanks for her name!) from DQS is soo hot!

R8 said...

@ johnny: yeah, this one will prolly be HtS3 w/ only a few added charas (instead of the SEVERAL from 3 to 2). Graphics look the same too. meh.

Meh, Crisis Core looks good but it's not a killer ap title like DQIX is. I expect it to do well in JPN and NA but it's not a game that will sell systems like DQIX will. Having a main DQ game on a system tends to decide the which system will win the format wars and it's only between DS and PSP on that format. PSP continues to be lacking in the sales department when compared to DS. With this announcement, it's sealed the DS's fate as the winner for this handheld war. So yeah, PSP is done, though it'll still have some good games.

Rivensteel said...

Man, could you tell me where you get all the Suzumiya Haruhi and Jingai Makyou/Ignis scans? They're unbelievable.

R8 said...

@ Rivensteel: jingai makyo pics were taken from the hcgs (which i collect a lot of). though i'm not a haruhi fan (i do like the spreads), i tend to get them from either minitokyo or danbooru.

freakcan said...

Where did you get the deal on Mai-Hime 4? What extras are in the LE's of Kannazuki no Miko? Something besides pencil boards?

R8 said...

@ freakcan: My-HiME 4 was ordered at amazon a long time ago. it was actually luck that i got it cheap as i saw it mispriced. however, there's a local store near me that has started to sell the MH dvds very cheap and it won't be long before vol.5 goes cheap there. As for Kannaduki, the second one isn't really LE but more like First Press w/ the pencil board. Vol.3 is the LE and all it includes is a decent booklet w/ interviews. Pretty ho hum but i had to get this version >_<.